Negan in the Mid-Season Trailer for The Walking Dead

It has only been a few weeks since The Walking Dead’s last cliffhanger of an episode aired and now AMC has treated us with the mid-season trailer for season 6!

Watch it here before I spazz out with what happens!


Watched the trailer now? OK let’s get right into it. The group was undoubtedly going to get attacked by the walkers due to the whiny Sam but what was missing from the trailer was everyone else in the group. Jessie, her kids and Gabriel weren’t there; does this mean they got overrun? I sure hope Sam did

Then there are cuts to Negan and his crew. For the comic book readers, you all know what this means, right? For the people who only watch the show, Negan’s a pretty bad guy — a little like the Governor. We also see Duke Nukem and Sasha getting out of the abandoned  building looking sharp if it weren’t for the fact that another group has guns pointing to them.

All in all, the trailer for mid season is pretty hype and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the show! What else did you guys see in the trailer?

The Walking Dead returns 15 February on FOX at 9pm.


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