Marvel Has Something On Their Twitter Page

Earlier today, True Believers who follow the Marvel Twitter account got an amazingly strange message.

Which got people all over the internet in a frenzy of guesses and hopeful wishes!

Meanwhile, the guys at What’s A Geek have their own predictions. Some of us think that it would most probably be one of the mutants. Jean Grey seems likely but there’s a time-displaced Jean Grey currently in the books right now. Wolverine is also one of the top-contenders to be revived though none of us could imagine how that could happen. Scott could also be dead no more, but we don’t think Marvel will throw the backbone of many of the stories the X-Men have right now.

We might be wrong though, as there are a lot more people dead in the Marvel Universe! Just look at this whole list. We have more than 600 people deceased in all of the universes combined!

Other friends of mine have mentioned that it might not be related to the comics at all! It could be marketing for the Deadpool Movie or something tied up with the MCU. Who do you guys think will be ‘Dead No More’? Send us your answers in the comments!

PS I hope that Marvel will bring back pic related. I’d give almost anything!



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