Filbars Opens Doors to Greenhills Shoppers Once More

Remember that time when Greenhills was synonymous to Filbars? Before the Internet and smartphones people had to really visit places like Greenhills to get comic books and the occasional geek merch through, you guessed it, Filbars. Sadly they closed shop for a while but thanks to the new owners and a stronger presence, Filbars once again opens its doors to the Greenhills shoppers with a new concept store in Shoppesville.


The outside does look modern and with a corner place, they’re bound to get more customers.



It’s also lined up with more current geek stuff like a lot of Movie Masters Hot Toys figures (prominently displayed in front).

Some Game of Thrones inspired merch…


Adventure Time…


and a whole lot more. Of course it wouldn’t be Filbars without comic books; its practically the product that made Fil Barbasa a household name.






Congratulations Filbars on your new store! We here at What’s a Geek look forward to hearing great stories about the new store much like the old one in another part of the shopping complex.

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