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ESGS 2017 Press Conference: Sneak Peek For This Weekend’s Festivities

Gamers and tech enthusiasts have another event to look forward to! The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS 2017) this year officially kicks off with a bang with its Press Conference. Members of the press and exhibitors were invited to experience a short preview of what to expect for this year’s event. Mr. Joebert Yu, President of Gariath Concepts and organizer of ESGS, opened the program proper.
ESGS Press Conference

ESGS 2017 Press Conference: Local Gaming United

Invited panelists included Richard Brojan, Owner and CEO of Playbook; Chase Freo, Marketing Director for R2 Games; Dio Vasquez, Director of Products and Operations for Acer Predator Line; William Sanusi, Retail, Marketing, and Events Director/Manager (check) for PlayStation; Gwen Foster, Head Organizer of Indie Arena; Gene Gacho, Senior Developer for Project Xandata; Victoria Gorbachevskaya, Sales Manager of FullDome; Chris Natsuume, Creative Director of Boomzap; Jia Shen, Vice President of Products for BlackStorm; and Quentin Hu, Senior Marketing Director for MSI. Gariath Concepts President Joebert Yu opened the program.
Such a stacked ESGS Press Conference Panel made the announcements pretty exciting. This is for good reason, as these brands mean their hottest products and titles will be at the SMX Convention Center from October 27 to 29 for fans and enthusiasts to see.

BrawlFest, Tournaments

The first ESGS Press Conference news was PlayBook’s annual BrawlFest. It will draw fighting game fans from all over the country. They will be hosting big names in the fighting game community such as Street  Fighter, Tekken 7, and other heavy hitters. For the first time ever, the winners of the Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V tournaments will earn a free trip to EVO Japan 2018!
R2 Games’ Heroes Evolved will be holding a community event for their fans. The Asian Championship for the 5 v 5 MOBA will take place this Sunday. Look forward to beta codes for their first IP Hero, the indomitable Bruce Lee! Players can look forward to better network stability for the game. If these updates aren’t enough, it seems R2 Games will introduce new MOBA games by next year.

Brand Leaders to Bring the Big Guns

Acer will present their “Lord of PC Gaming.” It appears visitors will get to tinker with some of Acer’s latest products for gaming! Now there’s a sight to behold, especially since the next few years will be host to a ton of new games to expect. Acer will also aim to have its Predator Link finals in Indonesia!
MSI will bring their newest products, including new Intel X-Gen motherboards, and HyperX items. Like last year, MSI continues its amazing PC Case modding competition. Standby for special Christmas deals at 3PM and 5PM daily.
PlayStation continues their strong support for ESGS with yet another awesome set of offerings. They will have more than 10 playable titles at their booth. More than half of the games are currently unreleased like Monster Hunter: World, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Final Fantasy Dissidia NT! if that’s not enough, Call of Duty WWII will also be in their booth before it’s released in November.
PlayBook will hold the NBA 2K18 Asia qualifiers later this year. They will be scouring the Philippines from Luzon to Mindanao for the best teams to battle on the PlayStation 4!
ESGS Press Conference

Indie Highlights

The Indie Arena has been growing leaps and bounds. From 20 games last year, the Arena has grown to 48 games. Local and international developers share the stage. In a surprise move, tabletop games are included in the lineup!
Noted Filipino developer Secret 6 will showcase their online multiplayer first shooter, Project Xandata! Convention attendees can play the game from Friday until Saturday afternoon, after which they will hold their tournament. Visitors can play the game again after the tournament’s conclusion on Sunday. The game will have its first open beta by the 4th Quarter of 2017. Expect to receive the first round of Beta Codes by this Friday
FullDome will present a new innovative use for Virtual Reality. People can use the VR headset in their booth to create paintings in a virtual dome. This is where the painter becomes the performer.
Boomzap, one of the most successful Pan-Asian video game companies in Southeast Asia, will bring the first playable version of their latest creation. Their new title, Last Regiment, will be a strategy game on PC and Mac that was previewed last year. This will continue their process of integrating live player input with ongoing game development. Expect Last Regiment to hit Steam on Early Access by early 2018
Blackstorm, creator of the addictive Everwing, will strengthen their presence in the Philippines, one of their most dedicated player bases. Players can look forward to a new fairy, contests with leaderboards, swag, and more. They hope that they’ll be able to gather important player feedback from their fans.

Join Us At ESGS 2017!

If these updates from the ESGS 2017 Press Conference were enough to get you excited, then come join us at ESGS 2017! The event will take place at the SMX Convention Center from October 27 to October 29, 2017.

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