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ESGS 2019: Presscon Teases Games, Exhibitors, For 6th ESGS

When we have such a huge event like the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS 2019), we can expect a ton of surprises across a wide variety of exhibitors, guests, and sponsors. Just what’s going to happen? Who gets to play games? What products are they going to showcase? What new reveals are we going to be about the industry? And just like you, we’re just as perplexed. 

It’s ESGS’s 6th Year. Just what’s going on?

So to appropriately tease #ESGS2019, folks from Gariath Concepts gathered media members and content creators to see and hear firsthand just exactly what these exhibitors have to offer. Here’s what’s happened in the press conference today, Oct. 22, at the SMX Convention Center.

ESGS 2019 Presscon: What’s Up?

Folks from Gariath Concepts teased a ton of stuff for members of the press, especially when it comes to their offerings for ESGS 2019. These include the following points of interest:

  • You might be working with Goliath! If you’re thinking of a career change, why not do something with gaming? Gariath Concepts is looking for new recruits in its talent search! You might be their next announcer or caster!
  • Astra serves as the official ESGS mascot moving forward. Fans of ESGS might be surprised to hear about Astra, the ESGS official event mascot. She’s a traveler capable of hopping between dimensions, and she’s here to stay. Gariath Concepts explained Astra has been in development a few years back, with plans of a 2018 release. They decided to release her this year, alongside the announcement of thematic ESGS moving forward. Will there be other characters aside from her? That’s going to be something we should wait for. Awie De Guzman will be cosplaying her!
  • There are talks of going regional. One of the biggest highlights of this year’s press event are plans for Gariath to bring its events outside the Metro. Aside from regional expansion, Gariath might be bringing ESGS 2019 to the international scene! There are already talks with some countries, but Gariath didn’t elaborate further as negotiations are still ongoing.
  • We have an awesome Main Stage! This year’s ESGS features an awesome main stage! It’s set to fit this year’s cyberpunk theme. And the colossal stage definitely has more than enough room for performances, matches, and presentations!
  • PLDT and Smart Cyber City will be uniting fans and players in a meeting hub! PLDT and Smart, perhaps the biggest of ESGS partners, will have a huge space for their Cyber City. This hub serves as both a playing area and lounge for players and attendees. We might even meet some of the guest players there!

ESGS 2019: Are You Ready For The Hype?

We’ve just ended the presscon for this year’s #ESGS, and it’s evident this year’s event has a ton to offer fans and gaming enthusiasts.

We have exhibitors like Nintendo, Capcom, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, and others that have surprises for fans and teases for enthusiasts. You can also expect a ton of tournaments and exhibition matches across the 3-day spectacle. We’ll talk about more of those as we make progress with our coverage. 

And on our end at What’s A Geek!, we have a ton more to offer you as well. If you want your ESGS story to get featured in our site, feel free to give us a message to any of our social media channels. You can also follow our ESGS 2019 coverage across our accounts and our future articles!

Remember, ESGS 2019 happens from Oct. 24 to Oct. 27, 2019, at the SMX Convention Center!

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