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Suikoden Fans To Petition Steam Release

We here at What’s A Geek are probably not the Suikoden Revival Movement’s favorite people (we’re guessing it has something to do with this article). But we are definitely fans of their latest attempt to bring the franchise to a much wider audience!

Suikoden Revival Movement banner
Legit fans, legit banner.

On their Facebook page, the fan group outlined their plan to petition Konami through its various social media accounts to release the Suikoden games on Steam. Per the account:

On Friday, June 3rd, the Suikoden Revival Movement will lead the charge on a 24-hour bombarding of Konami’s US, UK, and (most importantly) JP social media feeds with messages containing the #SuikodenOnSteam hashtag. As the hashtag suggests, our goal is to encourage Konami to give the Suikoden franchise new life on Steam, which will make it available to tens of thousands of potential new fans.

Known and loved for its intricate political storylines and brilliant lore-building, the Suikoden franchise as a whole nonetheless has a relatively small, if quite dedicated fanbase. Hard copies of the first two games of the series (for the PSX) are extremely difficult to come by, owing to their limited release outside Japan. While the Playstation Network already carries the first three games of the franchise, a Steam release would significantly widen its exposure.

For context, in a February 2015 article, gaming website VG24/7 reported that Steam has over 125 million active users, with an 8.9 million concurrently logged on subscriber peak. While that number must certainly have changed since then, it is worth noting that, per Steam Stats, the present concurrent logon peak stands at 11,112,813, so it could be inferred that the active user count is even larger now.

Either way, if you’re a Suikoden fan like me, mark the date. I know I’ll be asking the Konami accounts if they’d like my carrots. Blink on over to @whatsageek and tell us what you think!

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