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PlayStation 4 FW2.50 details leaked

Sony is currently holding a closed beta test for the upcoming PlayStation 4 FW2.50. However, in a move that does not surprise anyone, a “kind” beta tester just shared the details of what the firmware will bring to the world.

Based on the screenshot the kind beta tester shared over at gaming forum NeoGAF, here are some of the features we should be expecting once Sony rolls the new firmware out to all users:

  • Suspend your applications by entering Rest Mode and resume it immediately. (Note: The wording’s pretty loose on this one, as applications can either be the Apps on the PS4 or the actual game themselves.)
  • Delete trophies with 0% progress.
  • Search a particular trophy’s details over the internet. (Note: Not currently sure if this affects hidden trophies as well)
  • SharePlay at 60 frames per second
  • Share trophy details and information via the Share button
  • Various added Accessibility options such as Zoom levels and button mapping. (Note: is that a way to swap the X and O buttons?! EDIT: PRAISE BE TO YEVON!)

The current beta testing process is being done through the PlayStation MVP program members in the US. It is assumed that the PlayStation FW2.50 will be rolling out as soon as Spotify becomes available on the PlayStation systems.

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