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Sega Registers Dawn of War 3 Domain

Screenshot from Relic's "Dawn of War II: Retribution"
Screenshot from Relic’s “Dawn of War II: Retribution”

Heads up, gamer geeks! PC Gamer just got wind of a Reddit post reporting that Sega of America has registered the website domain “”.

Looks like Relic’s old beefy strategy game is on the horizon—Company of Heroes 2 was a while ago, after all, and this could mean Dawn of War 3 is coming soon. Whois Lookup states that the domain was registered back in 2011 by Sega of America, and updated on March 26 of this year. Meanwhile, the registrant’s email address seems to be that of Relic’s IT department.

While it could be just Sega doing some housekeeping to protect the domain from squatters, a couple of years ago Relic did say that a new entry in the series was a “strong possibility.”

In any case, this is exciting news for Warhammer 40K fans out there!

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