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Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Games You Should Finally Get

A lot of people already expect Steam to have another sale. After all, the platform has a ton of offerings that need traction. And a lot of titles do deserve a spot on your must-play. Now that it’s Steam Autumn Sale 2018, Well, it’s that time of the year again. *takes out wallet*

Steam is currently having its yearly Autumn Sale! This year’s sale is set to run from November 22 to November 27. And we at What’s A Geek! would like to share with everyone some games that would be well worth your hard-earned cash.

Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Here We Go Again

Choosing which games to play can be a tough job. However, choosing which games to buy in a sale can be tougher. After all, Steam has a library of games on a variety of genres, scales, and receptions. Like it or not, we’re going to have a hard time picking which ones to buy, even on a sale. So what do you choose?

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a classic-style third-person Fantasy RPG that can be likened to titles such as Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. The player can choose to either make their own character or choose to play as one of six preset characters. The player can choose 14 classes to be and as they level up, they can choose to mix and match abilities as they please.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Rivellon. In this world, those who possess the power to control the energy called Source are being hunted down. You are one of these people and you wake up as a prisoner on a ship along with a handful of other Sourcerers to be transported to the prison island of Fort Joy. From here on, starts your journey of unraveling the mystery of your Source powers and why your fellow Sourcerers are being persecuted for them.

The game is very role-playing heavy as there are stats and backstory elements that can affect your relationships and dialogues with NPCs. The combat is turn-based yet engaging as there are many ways to defeat your enemy depending on the skills you possess and the terrain you fight in. Moreover, you can play this with friends. Your friends can fill one of the three slots for the party as their own character or playing one of the presets. It also has a custom campaign mode where you can create your own Dungeons & Dragons-type experience with other players. All in all, if you’re a fan of RPG, be it tabletop or video game, this game is a great pick for this season’s sale.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the latest entry in the Monster Hunter series and the first main series game to get a PC release. It’s developed by big name game company Capcom.

It’s a third-person action role-playing game where you play as a hunter in a new world discovered by said hunters. Your goal? To hunt every fakken big monster you see. There are a variety of monsters to hunt each with their own unique materials and spoils that you can farm to make armors and weapons to help take down your next big target. And by the big target, we mean big.

It’s the “most accessible” amongst all the previous Monster Hunter games. Both old and new players will enjoy this game. The best part is you can play with other players at any point of the hunt by calling them via SOS. If you want to feel a great rush slaying giant beasts, this would be a great buy for you.


From the makers of the harrowing This War Is Mine, Frostpunk puts you in charge of keeping a city’s inhabitants alive in the midst of a frozen steampunk apocalypse. You’ll have to make tough choices along the way, such as whether to allow child labor or to extend working shifts at the expense of workers’ health. All the while, you’ll be exploring the wasteland to look for more survivors and resources.

It’s a perfect time to buy the game – not only is it on sale, but it also just received free DLC that adds four new maps, and the long-awaited Endless Mode, which allows you to play the game like a good ol’-fashioned city builder.


Stellaris proves there’s more to space titles than juggernauts like EVE Online, acclaimed series such as Mass Effect, and beloved franchises like Star Wars. Fans of Europa Universalis will feel right at home, especially since the very team behind Europa ensured Stellaris will be the intensive experience it is for players today.

Imagine touring through procedurally-generated galaxies as a race of your choosing. You encounter various species of different dispositions, with the game opening up opportunities for you to deal with these interstellar neighbors as you see fit. For a space 4X, Stellaris definitely clocks up to overdrive.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI shows the franchise hasn’t aged a bit given its breadth of options for players. As usual, you choose a civilization to raise, with your cursor becoming your means through which an entire people’s destiny is determined. Players decide how they want to approach sessions, with skill trees giving spice to their trajectory towards various win conditions.

You can win through dominating others, or even just play until… well, you get tired. Civ VI cleans a lot of players’ ires in Civ V and offers quite a new experience despite its familiar setup.

Into The Breach

Into The Breach approaches turn-based strategy with the tactical elegance of chess with a wild dash of Super Robot Wars. You’d take one look at Into The Breach and figure it shouldn’t be that complex a game. This much can be attributed to the fact that the game is actually from the same people who created FTL: Faster Than Light. And if you’ve played FTL, then you’d likely understand when we say Into The Breach has more than meets the eye. The premise is simple – people from the future sent mechs to the present to save mankind against an alien invasion. You do this in the course of missions, where you fight aliens in 8×8 grids. Your mechs need to stop aliens from destroying too much of your buildings. You get to upgrade mechs as you make progress in the game, too. This means you can approach missions from a wide variety of angles, with more opportunities for strategy opening up along the way.

Ni No Kuni 2

Ni No Kuni 2 takes a lot of what’s good in the first entry of the franchise and kept it fun for both new and returning players. Studio Ghibli doesn’t return to collaborate in this game. However, their influence in art style, especially their contributions for the first game, help Ni No Kuni 2 retain that fresh and captivating look. Art’s not the only thing that’s changed, though.

The title boasts a new real-time battle system. Instead of training characters to fight for you, the sequel finally lets you take control of the cast themselves. Strike your enemies down with slow and fast magic spells, or dodge incoming attacks. The new kingdom mechanics make for an interesting new feature for the game. The story isn’t too complex of a tale to comprehend, too. This makes for a compact yet entertaining experience that can definitely be worth your purchase.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars gives you a premise akin to your typical city management simulation. It’s SimCity inasmuch as resource management is concerned. Though it amps up risk and survivability up a few notches. Surviving Mars puts you in charge of a human colony in Mars. Fans of space exploration won’t be colonizing planets anytime soon, though.

Most of their time will be devoted into making sure colonists survive – because one mishap to one might open a gateway of trouble for everyone else. It’s as casual a game as management games get. However the thrill of making sure your colony survives in Mars does make for an entertaining story.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance captivated the minds of medieval fantasy fans since its release. Despite the age, the game holds itself pretty well even with other new releases. Much of this has to do with what the game offers, which by themselves offer quite a realistic spin to character growth. You control a blacksmith’s son in a village in the Dark Ages. You start as a literal nobody, without scholarly knowledge nor the combat experience to fight bandits and knights. And the game makes you feel as such.

You learn alongside your character, with dialogue options in improving as you study and combat becoming easier the more you practice. The game gives you no indication it’s like The Elder Scrolls, but the breadth and depth it offers can be a completely different and captivating experience.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege proved games can make a huge bounce back despite mishaps. Why? Well, if you’re looking for a different spin on squad-versus-squad combat, Siege will take you up for a spin. The game makes a turn back to its roots – with two (2) teams wrestling control over a particular checkpoint. However, improved physics and a wide selection of agents pave way for a lot of mayhem.

Imagine, you can take the role of agents who can burst their way through walls, protect themselves with shields, or even use an assortment of gadgets to gain the upper hand in a single match.

Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Pick Your Poison

And there you have it. The above remains as suggestions and recommendations, though. These should not be considered as “Whoa, these games are the best!” because we don’t want to start a war this Yuletide Season. Point is, while we want to be merciful to our wallets, these games will likely be worth your while. So get going in this year’s Steam Autumn Sale 2018, and buy the games you want! Yeah, we’re going to be that enabler friend. And if you’ve enjoyed some of the games you’ve played, don’t forget to tell us in the comments!


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