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Steam Christmas Sale Day 1

Like Santa rolling around in his sled throwing bags of addiction towards children he never met but stalks the entire year to check if they’ve been naughty or nice. Valve is roaming around on Steam throwing ridiculous sales to keep you away from your precious money.

This is going to be a stream of recommendations on which games you would possibly want to purchase and we are just here to give you that final nudge in the general direction. We’re here to show you the most notable deals of the day and hopefully you form an educated decision if you would want to buy those games that have been sitting on your Wishlist for quite some time. These deals will only be up for 48hours, so grab them while you can!


State of Decay – P124.98 (75% off)

State of Decay

An open-world sandbox zombie survival game, with an emphasis on survival and permadeath. It’s considerably one of the good zombie survival games you will play.

Total War: Rome II – P359.98 (75% off)

Rome Total War 2

One of the most grandiose turn-based strategy games out there and definitely one of the most beautiful. And with the release of the Emperor Edition, Total War: Rome II is now even more engaging than when it was first released. Don’t expect to run this on a low-end system though, even if it is turn-based it really just boils down to how beautiful this game actually is.

Dark Souls II – P369.97 (63% off)

Dark Souls 2

Okay. So it’s Dark Souls II. Are you a masochist? Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you want to relive the times when games were Nintendo Hard? Okay, so maybe it’s not Nintendo Hard. But if you want a gorgeous looking game with incredible mechanics, incredibly implemented psuedo-multiplayer, an extremely fleshed out world, and an environment of despair that grips at you at every corner, go ahead and get this game. You psycho.


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – P509.17 (33% off)

MGS Ground Zeroes

Oh Snake. You haven’t received your Hayters lately but it’s all for the best, right? Look. I know it’s a glorified demo. I know this is basically Metal Gear Solid V: Prologue. I know it’s just one camp to explore. But screw it. When Big Boss looks at you like that. You answer his call. Ground Zeroes may not be the complete package with 11hour cutscenes like all it’s predecessors. Ground Zeroes is a paid demo, and dear lord if only Kojima isn’t such a mad genius, it would actually leave you begging him for more. Now if only we had news about Phantom Pain….

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – P1019.40 (40% off)

Civ BE

Another turn-based grand strategy in the mix. And quite frankly, it’s still very good in it’s own standards. For the people looking for another coming of Alpha Centauri, please don’t get your hopes up. Civilization: Beyond Earth is practically Civ 5. In another planet. Hostile environments, creatures, and people get in your way. It’s your job to make your Civ be the commanding presence in this new frontier. There are also some things you will be able to do to make your “New World Domination” complete. Civ: BE is an incredible game in it’s own right even with it’s similarities with it’s predecessor. And this game just came out earlier this year, which should explain why it’s a tad more expensive than the previous titles mentioned.

Keep your wallets ready. It’s just Day 1 of the Steam Sales and I’ll try to be on the lookout for ridiculous deals up until January 2nd. May GabeN have mercy on our souls.


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