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Tekken 7 Gigas Reveal!

So, remember that big, JRPG-looking dude from the character leak a while back?

The character has finally officially been revealed, under the name Gigas.

Revealed on the niconico stream, Gigas has been announced to be released on April 28th. The character’s bio, in typical mysterious character fashion doesn’t really tell us anything, with his nationality listed as ‘Data Deleted’, and his fighting style translating as ‘Destructive Impulse.’

Initial impressions of the writer is that the character seems to be a stand-in for Jack/Marduk, with some of his moves looking a LOT like Marduk’s. The design seems reminiscent of the mid-bosses, or the big bosses themselves, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see where the character fits in.

Character render of Gigas


Screenshot of character in action


Character release trailer for Gigas.

Capcom TV Chokaigi Niconico Stream:
Tekken Official
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