Marvel Creative Day Out 2016 – A Quick Peek!

Marvel Creative Day Out 2016 – A Quick Peek

Marvel and the Philippines have a relationship that dates back to the former’s earliest days. In the present, Marvel initiated it’s very first “Marvel Creative Day Out” in the Philippines, thanks to the growing popularity of both Marvel and super-heroes.

Held at UP Theater in University in the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, it was a full-day community event with talks and exhibitions covering comics, fine arts, Marvel Super Heroes, and most importantly, storytelling. This event was made in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts.

Marvel Asia’s VP of Brand Development C.B. Cebulski joined heavyweight Filipino artists Harvey Tolibao, Leinil Francis Yu, and Stephen Segovia in the festivities of the Marvel Creative Day Out. Illustrator Stephen Segovia gave a short talk about the step by step process of working on a comic while Penciller Harvey Tolibao gave a laughter-filled lecture on the challenges of perspective.

The latter emphasizes that everyone should try to practice the things they don’t like to help build skill-sets holistically.  A fun, yet intense, trivia game tested the mettle of all the Marvel Zombies in the theater.

One of the primary highlights of Marvel Creative Day Out was the artwork exhibition of works from all over Metro Manila.

Young Filipino artists were given the opportunity to share their original and unpublished Marvel-themed artwork to the general public. Seeing this new art alongside the works of Leinil, Harvey, and Stephen gave a strong sense of hope for the future of these aspiring creators.

Throughout the day, C.B. and the guest artists were available for consultations, dropping nuggets of wisdom to whoever asked.

Art styles ranged from those inspired by luminaries like Jim Lee to those who influenced by manga and anime. Many, mostly students, who consulted were shy about their work and C.B. always encouraged them to contact him when they became more confident about their work. He playfully suggested that they should try making their own comic work too!

Marvel art was one of the centerpieces of Marvel Creative Day Out.

Apart from exhibits, Leinil, Harvey and Stephen held live drawing sessions for everyone to see. They would give a live commentary as they were doing their sketches.

Lucky audience members were able to join Team Leinil and Team Harvey on a head to head friendly sketch-off on stage. For five rounds, the two teams would make drawings on stage on Marvel subjects, from Civil War to famous Villains. Leinil and Harvey coached each of their teammates while making playful jabs at each other.

As a bastion of creativity, no UP artistic event would be complete without a Freedom Wall. Budding artists left their mark, covering the wall with all sorts of marvel (and non-marvel) drawings. Stephen, Leinil, and Harvey drew their favorite characters. Even good ol’ C.B. left his own very Filipino mark on the wall.


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