All-New Wolverine #1 Review: SNIKT!

All-New Wolverine #1 marks the first solo issue of X-23 in a while, and her first foray as the All-New Wolverine provided a good glimpse of what to expect in her new solo book in this post-Secret Wars Marvel.

One of the biggest questions that I had ever since the announcement of X-23 becoming the new Wolverine was “how will they pull it off?” Writer Tom Taylor (who previously handled Injustice and Superior Iron Man) does seem like he took some inspiration from the previous Marjorie Liu-penned X-23 series and just allowed the Laura’s thoughts to shine through the whole issue. He also makes use of Original X-Man Angel (who’s still wearing his post-Black Vortex duds) as the naive, inexperienced companion to Laura’s experienced and somewhat broken self to rather interesting results. We definitely need more scenes that would make Laura human like the PDA discussion they had here in issue #1. David Lopez’s art fits quite nicely, too.

Angel taps the new Wolverine's head.

It still begs to be seen if adding All-New Wolverine to the pull list is justified, but if you have been with Laura Kinney all this time, then I’m more than happy to tell you that we are starting on the right track.

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