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EVO 2015: more highlights and hilarity.

Since we already have a really good post covering Evo 2015 here by Kimi, this is just gonna be a little more informal and go over some more favorite moments of this year’s Evo .

Poongko loses his shirt

Why. This was pretty early on in the event when Poongko got up, and took off his shirt. I… I’ll let you see it for yourself.


The Street Fighter V Panel and new character reveal

Capcom of course took the opportunity to toss us some crumbs regarding SFV; hit the video to see the whole thing.

Quick panel recap for those too lazy to sit through it though:

  1. Patches/balances/system updates will be free!
  2. All characters can be unlocked with the in-game currency, and not just the premium
  3. 16 initial characters, with 4 new ones
  4. Combofiend is now Associate Producer on Street Fighter V!
  5. The new character for SFV will be revealed on USF4 finals tomorrow (Revealed to be the brute Necalli, as covered in our other post.)


This pop off.

Holy shit, calm down and shake his hand, bruh.


Jamie Lee Curtis and fam visit EVO 

Jamie Lee Curtis visited Evo with her family as a grad trip! To keep discreet though, she went as Vega(Claw) while her loved ones went along in costume as well, as seen above.


Woshige’s premature celebration

Woshige takes the comeback round and completely. Forgets. That there is another round. I’d be feeling pretty hyped myself if I’d taken a round like that against Ogawa (considered by many to be a god in Guilty Gear) but the next round started, and Woshige was nowhere near his controls. Ogawa and his Zato kindly reassert their divinity.  Great match, but… whoops.


Dat Smash

I’m not much of a Smash player? (re:not at all) But I appreciate skill when I see it. Wow.

Again though, I’ve only ever watched this game, and unfamiliar with the mechanics; if you know the game and would like to break this down for me, please do so in the comments, lulz.


Dabuz drops a life stock 

Less than ten seconds into the match, and Dabuz makes a costly mistake; hilarity ensues.


First non-American UMVC3 Evo champ

Previous champ Justin Wong faced off against KaneBlueRiver in the semifinals for a grueling match where KBR’s Hulk-Haggar-Sentinel left JWong’s Akuma-Wolverine-Storm in the dust.

Which brings us to KBR in the finals, finishing big against losers top eight’s RayRay.


Gamerbee vs Infiltration and Daigo

While the finals match against Momochi was one that will definitely be talked about for days to come, Gamerbee’s half hour semifinals slugfest against Infiltration is easily one of the tensest matches I’ve ever seen.

Over in this match, Gamerbee sends Evo mainstay Daigo home in this masterful display.


And now, Momochi wins the championship but Gamerbee wins our love

When Momochi’s stick choked up, hearts all over the fighting game community stopped. As stipulated in the tournament rules, Gamerbee took the free round and went on to display sportsmanship in the form of taking the round via time-out. For those of you who don’t play SFIV, this is bigger than it seems; by just jabbing Momochi to lower health then letting the time run-down, Gamerbee showed us how he wanted the final fight to count, when he could have run rampant over Momochi for that free round, and built up meter stock to use in the final round. All that extra EX meter could have made a difference, especially after you’ve lost your rhythm from a fight stop.

I’m feeling that Gamerbee must have been exhausted after that long hard slog, while Momochi was still rather fresh; it’s all a little heartbreaking. in any case, we’ll be seeing Gamerbee at the Capcom Cup, and he went on to announce after the match that his girlfriend is now his fiancée.

it ok

And the list of winners

For those of you who want to see how their favorite players stacked up against the others, Eventhubs has a pretty comprehensive list of the winners and battle logs of both the main tournaments and the side/exhibition tourneys.

Hit this link for their coverage.

Evo 2015 was amazing as always; I’m out of breath just thinking about the long wait ’til the next one.

Do you have any favorite moments from this weekend’s Evo? Tell us what you think and feel free to link us in the comments!


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