Cosplay Mania 2016: Highlights

Anime fans and cosplayers gathered and celebrated the immense impact of Japanese culture, animation and cosplay in Cosplay Mania 2016 at the SMX Convention Center last October 1 and 2, 2016.

Casual and costume-clad attendees had the chance to explore Japan’s rich culture and to stay updated with the latest in Japanese animation, gaming and entertainment among the convention’s numerous booths.

Fans who wanted more to outside the activity stage explored Cosplay Mania 2016’s lifestyle, blockbuster, gaming and fan fair, collectibles and meals section. Others praised this ninth installment for having a more spacious venue, in addition to more room for resting fans. Both the inside and outside of the function halls were filled with excited fans, roaming photographers, and cosplayers of all kinds.

Culture in Hall EX

Conventions were always known for their assortments of booths. But fans of Cosplay Mania knew that booths at Cosplay Mania 2016  doubled as a quick trip to Japan.

Demonstrations from companies such as GBPlay Inc., GameSamba and Skillshot Labs sprinkled the Gaming section. Arcades like Power Station set stations with game such Pokemon Tretta. Mobile game developers, like the makers of Notice Me Senpai, set up pop-up shops to mingle with their fans.


Numerous artists and merchandisers made their home over at the the Fan Fair section. It was a wonderful mix of convention regulars, artist circles, and first time creators. Longstanding fandoms Love Live and Pokemon shared equal footing with rising fandoms like Mystic Messenger and Overwatch. Some exhibitors even joined the cosplay fun by dressing as their favorite characters.  Cosplayers with costume concerns even visited the Cosplay Medics PH to ask for wig styling, makeup, and a whole assortment of costume fixing services.

Various products and services from groups such as Fandom Oddity, EKS Clothing, Little Akiba, eternal-s, Perry In Disguise, Tomodachi Thailand and Otaku’s Den can be found in the lifestyle section. There was a knick knack for everybody from figures and jackets to tote bags and mugs. Kenjiro Kakimoto-sensei came all the way.  Fans of collectibles have a lot of toys, accessories and props to choose from under the collectibles section in the event, with Hubbyte Toy Store and Onegai Oniichan hold big sales!

Gilgamesh guards his otaku goods at WakuWaku


Hopeful visitors to Japan and culture enthusiasts visited several booths too, like United Admirals International Organization and All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. In addition to the usual info, visitors could meet Kapitan DFA at the Department of Foreign Affairs booth and learn origami at the booths of the Embassy of Japan and Unmei Nihongo Center.

At the Blockbuster Section, fans played board games at Ludus Distributors booth and watched the latest movie trailers at the Sony Philippines booth. NHK World had a particularly large presence in a big push to promote their channel and online services. Visitors could win cool prizes with their games and even meet famous Japanese mascot Domo-kun.

Game time at NHK World Booth

And of course, food fans are not anymore limited to hotdogs and fries as an assortment of Japanese products, cuisine as well as other delicious food on-the-go can be appreciated at the other end of the hall. There’s even a lot of space to eat! Stalwart sponsors Yoshinoya had TWO booths and affordable newcomer Minute Burger drew long lines. Hattendo and Octoboy provided classic Japanese treats while many looked forward to seeing Good Munch at future conventions.

The Old Faithful Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest.

Oh yeah! There was plenty of talented cosplayers who attended Cosplay Mania 2016, many of whom chose not to join the various cosplay competitions. From veteran cosplayers to first time attendees, it was a smorgasbord for cosplay enthusiasts. Have a small appetizer below and check out more photos right HERE.


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