ESGS 2022: Day 1, Explore New Dimensions Of Gaming

Comeback is officially real as the E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) finally returns for its 2022 edition, bringing a much-awaited gathering of gaming rigs and consoles, peripherals, tournaments, and other festivities dedicated to the everyday gamer. As ESGS 2022 brings a reinvigorating take on the blending of virtual activities and live offerings, convention fans have a lot of things to explore as they dive into the first day of the ESGS comeback. With What’s A Geek! providing coverage from inside SMX Convention Center, the “day in the life” of the ESGS 2022 con-goer proved to be a lot more interesting than usual conventions of the year – as though gamers enter different dimensions of their choosing. Here’s a quick rundown of Day 1’s festivities:

Riot Games Makes First Foray In PH Gaming Convention Scene

Attending the Philippines’ local gaming convention scene for the first time is Riot Games, serving as a Platinum Exhibitor of ESGS 2022. A giant Riot Games area, complete with a dedicated arena for Valorant and a decorative League of Legends: Wild Rift, accompanies the gaming giant in its Philippine appearance. 

Fans of the games set in the world of Valorant and Runeterra can grab up to PHP 50,000 worth of prizes in the form of gaming chairs and materials that can be won in tourneys such as the ESGS 2022 Riot Games Competition. 

Choose Your Dimension

If there’s anything that ESGS 2022 is showing as very prevalent throughout its Day 1 festivities, it’s that players have different tastes. And sometimes, these tastes in gaming may very well suck players into pocket dimensions where hours in real time seem like minutes in-game. And this is exactly what exhibitor booths signify in their respective spaces.

Compared to traditional booths where exhibitors display their latest wares and hype their products and services, modern gaming paved the way for instant action experiences for fans and newcomers alike. This means gamers attending ESGS can choose whichever exhibitor suits their fancy, and their hours-spanning festivities can grab a player’s attention for the rest of the day.

For instance, large spaces are occupied by other major partners separate from the Main Stage’s prime e-sports festivities. The entire Riot Games space has its separate corners for Valorant and League of Legends: Wild Rift matches, whereas major manufacturers such as Asus (ROG), Acer (Predator), and Viewsonic have dedicated spaces to showcase their products via mini-competitions. This is on top of general demo areas such as those by SEGA (with Sonic Frontiers), and even the event’s dedicated Fighting Game Arena. 

QR Means “Quests, But Remote”

While the original meaning of the “QR” in a QR code is “quick response,” it may as well be “quests, but remote” in the context of visitors. 

At its core, most exhibitor booths in ESGS 2022 have gimmicks powered by QR codes with forms and other tasks. These have already been made prevalent by exhibitors such as Gravity Game Hub (now with Ragnarok Arena) and newcomers Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy, where certain steps entail prizes that hype their respective games. However, QR codes for entertainment have become more of a highlight during this weekend’s festivities.

For instance, Razer Gold and Riot Games has an entire checklist mini-game of sorts where players have to do certain tasks within their respective booths and those of partner teams in order to earn “points.” Fulfilling certain tasks paves way to achievements that merit larger rewards such as shirts, lanyards, and other event-exclusive merchandise. 

No Escape From Good Deals

Should players and fans ever feel the need to step out of their favorite booths, ESGS 2022 still ensures there are a lot more things to grab their attention. Particular to this situation is a ton of good deals – and dare we say, budol-worthy moments – from various exhibitors.

Manufacturers of peripherals such as Viewsonic, Red Dragon, and JBL are showcasing their latest wares and some of the best discounts for con-goers. This is on top of hardcore gaming providers such as Asus (ROG) and Acer (Predator) providing tempting steals for some of gaming’s most sophisticated hardware.

These offerings are on top of merchandise sprawled across the SMX Convention Center. Artists flock the event left and right to offer stickers, art prints, and resin merch from some of the hottest games and popular pop culture entities. Some exhibitors also offer shirts, jackets, hats, accessories, and even weapon props for those who want to do quick cosplay. Not left behind are toys and other collectibles being offered by other exhibitors as well. 

Gearing Up For Comeback, Day 2

If it’s any indication, the wide variety of activities con-goers and ESGS 2022 can indulge in during the event is exactly the reason why this year’s edition of ESGS can make a strong comeback. With a fiercer emphasis on individual interests without hindering the sheer thrill of cooperative and competitive gaming, ESGS 2022 shows a future where playing with friends or going solo makes no difference to a gamer who’s having fun.

The E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2022 is currently being held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on October 28 to October 30, 2022.

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