ESGS 2022: What Should Fans Expect This Year?

Gamers should probably start getting ready for the biggest comeback of the year, as the E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) finally graces fans with a physical convention this 2022. However, with two (2) years’ worth of ESGS being spent virtually, new congoers and veteran fans of ESGS may wonder just what’s so different in ESGS 2022. While ESGS 2022 is hyped with the festive gathering of gaming rigs, consoles, peripherals, tournaments, and the like, the prospective con-goer might want a quick lay of the land before going to the event proper. And for those still mulling over whether to attend the convention or not, here are some things to expect: 

Gatherings, Tournaments For Gamers

Compared to other conventions that aim to gather fans across different niches, ESGS focuses on highlighting the collaborative and cooperative aspects of gaming. This becomes all the more apparent in ESGS 2022, where Globe, Gariath Concepts, and partners such as REV Major and The International offer simultaneous competitions and tournaments for fans to participate: 

  • Astra Arena: Courtesy of Globe, the network’s Globe Gamer Grounds presents Astra Arena alongside Gariath Concepts. Serving as ESGS’s first and very own esports stage, Astra Arena strives for a #GameWellPlayed as it features competitions across various games.
  • ESGS Fighting Game Arena: Players and fans of fighting games can rely on REV Major to give them suspenseful matches, especially this year with ESGS Fighting Game Arena. Players can indulge in hit games such as Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear XRD Ver. 2, and Persona 4A. Not only that, they have PInya Wars – a fighting game event where participants defend “pineapples on” or “pineapples out of” pizza through matches in Guilty Gear Strive, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and Tekken 7
  • The International Watch Party: Fans may actually gather in the ESGS arena to watch The International 11 Grand Finals, where some of the most intense DOTA 2 matches worldwide can bring fans to the edge of their seats. 
  • Indie Party: Courtesy of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is the Indie Party, the best zone in the ESGS 2022 space for game devs to showcase up-and-coming works for fans to try for the first time. 

Games Galore With Some Of Gaming’s Largest Titles 

Always present in ESGS are some of gaming’s biggest titles, particularly online games that have become a hit to modern games. Aside from titles such as Valorant and League of Legends are presenters such as Genshin Impact that offer new gimmicks to players. Here are some other games present in ESGS 2022:

  • Genshin Impact: Hoyoverse graces the ESGS 2022 stage with a Genshin Impact booth, where a real-life version of Adventurer’s Guild receptionist Katheryne has quests for players to accomplish a mission in exchange for merch.  
  • Tower of Fantasy: Newcomer sci-fi RPG Tower of Fantasy has its own booth in ESGS 2022, inviting fans to participate in a special activity to grab rewards and various merch.
  • M Games: GCash and Viber can offer various rewards through the M Games booth, which offers more than 200 casual games for players who want a quick break from intense matches to enjoy. Players participating in the M Games booth may grab prizes!
  • Call of Duty – Mobile: Garena finally brings its own stage to ESGS 2022, complete with some of the newest content in their hit Call of Duty: Mobile title. Its two-tier building setup simulates a Call of Duty experience, as though squads may parachute down at any moment.
  • Ragnarok Online: Gravity Game Hub offers a sneak peek into their upcoming game Ragnarok Arena, with an invitation for fans of the competitive scene to watch the Ragnarok Online Asia Masters exhibition matches on October 29. 

Peripherals, Merch Up For Grabs

It’s not ESGS without gaming’s biggest manufacturers providing players and fans with good deals and budol-worthy finds, especially for ESGS 2022. While mainstays ASUS, Acer, and MSI have been a constant presence in ESGS, their booths this year contain other offerings as well:

  • ASUS Republic Of Gamers: Alongside its line of powerful machines, ASUS ROG returns to ESGS with its very stage. In their space, players can try out some of ROG’s newest gear, and buy them outright for discounted prices. 
  • Acer and Predator: Fans of Acer products can go to their Predator booth, where the brand is reimagined as a Meta-Metro Scene. Aside from various experiential booths, their Valorant and Dota 2 tournaments offer various prizes for participants and exclusive deals for Acer Nitro and Predator products.  
  • MSI: Partnering with ESGS finally allowed MSI to bring the MSI Gaming Arena to the Philippines, where some of the country’s best esports teams can compete for as much as a PHP 150,000 prize pool. Not only that, MSI also provides deals for some of its best gaming laptop and hardware offerings.
  • Viewsonic: On top of exclusive discounts in Lazada and Shopee, visitors of the Viewsonic booth have the “Snap, Post and Win” promo where fans and visitors can win various Viewsonic items. Not only that, VIewsonic has a Valorant Showmatch where lucky winners may get to face against players from Nexplay Esports. 
  • JBL Quantum: Fans of high-tier sound provider JBL Quantum can #DareToDiveIn, especially since they have ESGS-exclusive freebies, flash sales, and other offerings. 
  • Tier One Entertainment: Aside from being Asia’s premier company in gaming entertainment, Tier One teams with BLCKBOX this year to provide ESGS 2022 with Blacklist International jerseys and other merch from popular artists Egg Fiasco and Quiccs.
  • Nexplay: Entertainment provider Nexplay is convinced ESGS 2022 is the best way to make a comeback and engage with the community, teasing surprises in the form of new games, gadgets, and innovations that may grab the attention of viewers. 

The E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2022 is currently ongoing at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City and is awaiting fans on October 28 to October 30, 2022.

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