ESGS 2022: Day 2, A New Community Of Modern Gamers

Comeback is going strong for fans and newcomers to the E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS), with rain and thunder serving no hindrance to ESGS 2022 as it brings a delightful blend of virtual festivities and live activities to fit today’s version of the modern gamer. However, with gamers and con-goers being pulled by an assortment of gaming rigs and consoles, peripherals and merch, and even tournaments, regular folks might need help choosing where to go first to make their ESGS experience worthwhile. Hopefully, some exploration will help any ESGS 2022 attendees get every bang for their buck on this second day. Here’s a quick summary of Day 2’s activities: 

Rainy Day Warning

Despite the sheer fun and thrill ESGS 2022 offers within its halls, organizers from Gariath Concepts did release advisories on safety due to the recent arrival of Severe Tropical Storm Paeng, which had caused powerful winds and strong rain to permeate along the SMX Convention Center and the rest of the country.

Prioritizing con-goer health and safety over everything else, the ESGS organizers advised ticket-holders that their tickets are still usable for Day 3 (October 30, 2022) should the storm cause them to give ESGS 2022 a raincheck. 

Everywhere Is An Activity

Unlike other convention staples and pre-pandemic ESGS festivities, ESGS 2022 is definitely much more interactive. Whereas Day 1 simply showcased potential offerings for guests through QR code-based “quests” and other gimmicks, it’s during Day 2 that showed the full depth of these activities. Simply put, these activities further incentivized con-goers as they roamed the entirety of the SMX Convention Center. 

While it’s true that gamers would want to maximize their ticket’s worth by exploring the convention’s grounds, this extra motivation definitely adds more “purpose” to the trip. Almost every booth offers a spin on the QR-code concept, be it through simple scans to earn lanyards and stickers to more complex “puzzles” that can net shirts, bags, and even entire giveaways. With almost a hundred exhibitor stalls to explore outside merch, fans can turn to almost any direction and find an activity to conduct there. 

Get Your Budol Discounts While They’re Hot

Gamers visiting ESGS 2022 for the newest in gaming should look no further than the country’s biggest manufacturers for the best deals and discounts. True to ESGS spirit, folks from brands such as Red Dragon (AMD), Republic of Gamers (Asus ROG), The Ultimate Force (Asus TUF), Predator (Acer), and even peripherals manufacturers such as JBL Quantum and Red Dragon offering budol-able deals to the prospective gamer. 

This is on top of Globe and GCash partnering with ESGS 2022 to give the best gaming deals, offering as much as 15-percent discount to ESGS 2022 purchases made with a Globe user and when using GCash. If you’re looking for a sign to succumb to the budol, now is probably it. 

Never A Dead Crowd

It’s not an ESGS if there aren’t crowds huddling over various areas and watching gamers do their own thing. And seeing the same crowds gathering in the main stage tournaments, the Fighting Arena, and even mini-tournaments for exhibitors make ESGS 2022 a rather refreshing comeback from the isolation the pandemic has caused gamers all around the world to experience. Finding it difficult to traverse crowds in narrow corridors between high-activity areas is a small price to pay for the assurance that gaming isn’t indeed dead during the pandemic – it just evolved. 

And in the case of ESGS 2022, there’s never a dead crowd. There’s just enough hype in exhibit areas to gather con-goers and gamers curious about its various matches, be it current multiplayer hits such as Valorant or League of Legends, or even fighting games such as Guilty Gear Strive and good ol’ Smash Bros. These are on top of community events such as the watch party for The International 2022, as well as self-contained tournaments inside larger booths such as the Riot Games corner and Acer Predator’s Meta City. 

It’s A Wild Trip To Gaming Today

There’s a certain level of thrill to knowing the depths of offerings the gaming industry can offer players, and this is exactly the highlight of Day 2 of ESGS 2022. Peripherals and merch alone remind the modern gamer of how personalized any player’s experience could get, and the variety of titles – be it in the PC, consoles, or mobile – players could indulge in means there’s always a game for everyone. These elements make Day 3 all the more exciting, especially since this will escalate this weekend’s festivities into what may be a surprising finish. 
The E-Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2022 is ongoing at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on October 28 to October 30, 2022.

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