March 2018 Events and Happenings Checklist!

March means summertime! What better way to celebrate the warm weather than by going out with friends!

It’s great then that are a ton of March 2018 events and happenings to choose from here in the Metro! Check out what the What’s a Geek team has compiled for us to check out this March. There’s a whole range of activities: wrestling, Japanese cinema, conventions and so much more! See you there \ (•◡•) /

March 2018 Events and Happenings!

Week 1 (March 1 to March 11)

March 1-4 (Thursday to Sunday) Art Fair Philippines

The Annual Art Fair is a great venue for artists of different visual art fields to exhibit their stuff for the public. Visitors can immerse in the best Philippine modern art has to offer and also get a chance to take it home with them! The fair lasts for four days and there’s a schedule for entering, so plan your day accordingly.

March 3 (Saturday) CCP 5th Year Anniversary

It’s GIANT-SIZE! The Comics Club Philippines celebrates their 5th year anniversary with (in their words): Games! Prizes! Beer! Amazing People! Food! and once again, BEER! This is 4 hours of Laughter and Fun! Celebrating our amazing obsession!

Congratulations to one of the best groups on Facebook!

March 4 (Sunday) Gaming! for Goodness!

Gamers and GMs Philippines is collaborating with Curious Chimeras to provide an afternoon of tabletop-gaming fun! This event is made to share the fun of gaming with everyone and is also for the benefit of children displaced by Mayon in Albay. So, come over young adventurer and let’s game for goodness!

March 8 (Thursday) Game Dev Drink Up

Game Dev Drink Up is a event by well, GameDev DrinkUp and IGDA Philippines. It’s basically a drinking sessions with fellow game devs that happens on the second Tuesday of each month. Let’s all come together and get to know everyone else in the community! Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

March 10 (Saturday) Sticker Con MNL 2018

Who doesn’t love stickers? Sticker Con MNL is brought to us by Fandom Feels and is a convention made just for stickers. Tons of sticker artists will be there selling their wares for us. I gotta get all my sticker things ready! See you at the Bayanihan Center!

March 11 (Sunday) PWR Path of Gold

Exciting things to look out for this month’s PWR! The Path of Gold match pits 20 competitors in one ring to fight!They fight for the chance to choose which championship they can challenge! And ALL of the PWR championships will be on the line!

See you guys in Circuit Makati on this Path of Gold!

Week 2 (March 12 to March 18)

March 15 (Thursday) Haruki Murakami Film Festival

The Japan Foundation will be celebrating Haruki Murakami through different talks and screenings of movies. Catch Norwegian Wood and Tony Takitani at the UP Film Institute, and you may just find your own surreal magical reality!

March 17 (Saturday) Yaoi Expo PH 2018

BL Lovers, Yaoi Stans and Fujoshis! Let’s all get on down to the Bayanihan center and celebrate the purest form of love!

March 18 (Sunday) Born to Make History: Yuri!! on ICE Fan Gathering

History was made last year with the first Yuri!! on ICE Fan Gathering and now history will repeat itself! Join fellow Yuri!!! on ICE fans for a whole day of fun and celebration! There’ll be an Artist Alley and a Merchant Market for everyone and special panels and talks too!

Week 3 (March 19 to March 25)

March 23-25 (Friday to Sunday) Pinoy Gaming Festival

The Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly is a three-day event where gamers can enjoy amazing competition from their favorite esports! Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arena of Valor and many others will be there, catch you all in the Glorietta Activity center!

March 24 (Saturday) PLG Meetup 16: Earth Hour 2018

Meet up with fellow lightsaber enthusiasts and enjoy the many different events planned for Earth Hour 2018! Watch and be amazed as the PLG Temple performs entrancing routines with their sabers!

March 25 (Sunday)

Coup Tournament!

If you’ve ever fancied yourself one for political intrigue, maybe this Coup Tournament in Makati is for you.[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard_home_discovery_filter%5C%22%7D%2C%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22discover_filter_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22surface%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22dashboard_filter%5C%22%3A%5C%22discovery%5C%22%7D%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Celestine Lemoir Anniversary Meetup, McLisse Album Tour

There’s no shortage of events for fans to show love for their idols. Author Celestine Lemoir and artist McLisse have respective events for their fans to celebrate their craft, so if you fancy either of these artists, you shouldn’t miss ’em![%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard_home_discovery_filter%5C%22%7D%2C%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22discover_filter_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22surface%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22dashboard_filter%5C%22%3A%5C%22discovery%5C%22%7D%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard_home_discovery_filter%5C%22%7D%2C%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22discover_filter_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22surface%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22dashboard_filter%5C%22%3A%5C%22discovery%5C%22%7D%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

CauseCon 2018

If you’ve ever wondered where your convention money goes when you buy your tickets, then you’d be glad to know CauseCon is in it for the good of the world. The event, created by Captain Cosplay (Michael Mulligan) himself, aims to help geek culture and cosplaying become an avenue to support those in need.[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard_home_discovery_filter%5C%22%7D%2C%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22discover_filter_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22surface%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22dashboard_filter%5C%22%3A%5C%22discovery%5C%22%7D%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Solving Structural and Non-Structural Defects In Building Co

If a convention isn’t your fancy, perhaps contributing to the assessment of public infrastructure might? The CPD Council for Architecture and other reputable professionals in the engineering and architecture industries will gather at 160 LL Building to discuss the current problems of modern infrastructure in the country in the hopes to build better buildings in the future.[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard_home_discovery_filter%5C%22%7D%2C%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22discover_filter_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22surface%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22dashboard_filter%5C%22%3A%5C%22discovery%5C%22%7D%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

March Madness Underway

If there’s anything the above events have, it’s that March 2018 is bound to be quite the thrilling month courtesy of its various events and happenings. The year is just getting started, and March is proving to start to spice things up with quite the variety of events for us to see and enjoy.

Are you going to any of these events? Did we miss something for this month? Tell us in the comments or slide into our DMs on Twitter and Instagram!


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