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Elite Games Expo: Beginning 2018 With Mobile Gaming

Last weekend, I got to attend the Elite Games Expo at the SM Cyberzone. This was an event aimed to introduce new mobile games to all sorts of gamers! Elite Games Expo turned out to be quite the thrilling and intimate experience where guests and attendees got the chance to play the upcoming titles first-hand. Game Masters for each game were available for tutorials, and everyone had the chance to interact with some experiential booths. Some of us even got the chance to win more stuff just by playing!

Elite Games Expo

Before we get into the games, perhaps it’s helpful to talk a bit more about the Elite Games Expo. The expo is a joint event by Elite Games Inc and the Gyeonggi Content Agency. Both companies see the Philippines as a launchpad for their newest games and are excited to see Filipinos enjoy their titles.

Should the event become successful, Elite Games Inc and the Gyeonggi Content Agency may bring this event in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Games Presented

The Elite Games Expo was held in the fourth floor of the SM Cyberzone, where half of the space was set-up to maximize comfort and space while getting to know the featured titles. I’ll be sharing my first impressions of these games so you guys can decide by yourselves. I also did a bit of them on Twitter, too, so check it out!

Now, onto the games!


This an online multiplayer action game where you pilot a World War II fighter plane and shoot people down. The controls are straightforward with the directional controls on the left and the trigger and evasion on the right.

While the mechanics definitely remind gamers of casual side-scrolling shoot ’em up games, Aeroblaster brings in quite a twist thanks to its simple yet appealing graphics and entertaining music.

I can definitely see myself burning hours on this once it’s finally out!

Clan and Conquest

Fans of fantasy and real-time strategy will appreciate the familiar yet engaging gameplay of Clan and Conquest. The fantasy-themed game carries the popular “Clan” name but it brings its own brand of real-time strategy into the fray. Imagine building a base to train your army of soldiers, and imagine that same base being destroyed by magic! And dragons!

If you’re a fan of showcasing your strategic prowess by efficient base management and troop deployment, Clan and Conquest will surely fill up your hours.

Crown Masters

Easily my favorite among all those presented in this Expo. At first glance, Crown Masters may seem to have a lot of stuff going on, but it’s a unique take on card games and tower defense. As a sucker of fantasy themes, you know I was immediately hooked. However, the unique gameplay Crown Masters offers is something for those who want a game that is easy to learn and is endlessly repeatable.

Fantasy Tales

Idle roleplaying games (RPGs) have been in the gaming scene for a few years, but Fantasy Tales was honestly the first to grab my attention. The graphics may appear reminiscent of other 3D mobile RPGs in the market, but the unique gameplay options and customizability of characters make it quite the entertaining experience. Features such as “Arena” and “Rebirth” offer a quick (and immersive) break from its story, so players have a lot of things to explore.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle

I’ll be honest, the first thing that caught my eye was Hello Hero’s cutesy avatars! The flashy graphics will surely keep any RPG fan entertained, and it also justifies quite an impressive storyline. It’s currently being played a lot of people around the world, too, so be sure to get your own copy! Check them out on the App Store and on Google Play.

Joy Planet

If you’re into casual games, Joy Planet offers a quite a challenging take on the puzzle tile-popping genre. While the graphics do seem to feel as though the game is aimed at younger audiences, it has a particular depth of gameplay that can get you hooked. The customizable nature of the “planets” in game make it quite the immersive experience as well.

Trade Tycoon

The game is quite an interesting take on the “Tycoon” genre, especially given the industry it’s tackling. At first glance, Trade Tycoon seems like the average clicker game where you can buy and sell stocks for your fictional business. This business can be augmented with a host of features, and the game offers a lot of customizability to make it feel as though you’re actually making (virtual) profit. The game is pretty fun, if only the first business wasn’t fidget spinners…

Velator: Immortal Invasion

If you’re into flashy graphics and a host of beautifully-drawn characters, then Velator: Immortal Invasion is definitely for you. The game follows the player-character in an epic story against the “Storm of the Immortal.” The story itself seems your familiar take on stopping a cataclysm that will ravage the world – all in a convenient semi-idle format that can keep you entertained for a long time.

Its automated casting and automated battle features make it quite convenient for players, and its party-formation tactics is also something that offers its own unique challenges. It’s out on Google Play now so you can try it out too!


On the whole, the event was fun and the games presented even more so! Hope to see these released soon so we can all play new mobages!

Any games here you really like? Want us to play a game you made? Shout at us below! Also, slide into our DMs on Twitter and Instagram!


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