Doctor Strange: Mystics, Swirlies and Human Folly

When you’re thrown into a world you can barely comprehend, it may be time to forget what you think you know. Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange does just that, magnifies the confusion, and forces us to do the same.

In two short, perfectly-interwoven hours, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was shaken to its core. Or maybe because we were looking at it from the wrong dimension?

Marvel Studios provides a fresh superhero flick with its well-known shock and awe tactics. The film is Marvel’s fourteenth entry in the MCU, and the last of the highly-anticipated superhero films of the year.

However, despite its instant-LSD ride to a new version of Marvel films, Doctor Strange may be a missing link to one of the most debated questions in the comic universe. And this may be the film to weave a new perspective on the MCU as a whole.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

A New World to Marvel

The film is a bone-crushing journey of seeing, accepting, and transcending a new form of reality far too unknown from ours. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the extremely gifted, yet arrogant, neurosurgeon Stephen Strange. After a now-literal bone-crushing accident that pretty much destroyed his career, he had to struggle finding new meaning to his life.

His journey takes him to Kathmandu, Nepal and leads him towards the Ancient One. In the secret sanctuary of Kamar-Taj, Strange is thrust into a new world of the Mystic Arts.

Despite his initial misgivings, Strange learned what he thought could be found in gift shops is actually real and, as proven through his journey, shattered his views on life. In Kamar-Taj, his “supreme” intellect and arrogance is nothing compared to lessons from the Ancient One – the Sorcerer Supreme – and other masters.

In a short span of time, Strange learned, in the Zen master Nan-in’s words, that he had to empty his “cup.” But threats are on the loose. The traitorous Kaecilius and his zealots are making a deal with an extra-dimensional entity. Not to mention a forbidden time ritual is missing. Can Strange find the strength to let go of his ego and master the Mystic Arts on time?


A Bleak Future

The film serves as an origin story for the Sorcerer Supreme, one who will inevitably have an integral role on the mystic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His knowledge on realms unexplained placed him along the likes of Thor Odinson, who will finally be freed of puny humans to explain things to.

However, with the arrival of cosmic entities, Thanos and the Infinity War looms closer than ever. And while Doctor Strange is quite the delight in IMAX, fans and enthusiasts may feel a shred of ominous dread.

Doctor Strange had its world premiere in Hong Kong last October 13. It was released internationally a week later, and was met with generally positive reviews.

View the next page for What’s A Geek’s review of Doctor Strange.  SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD. Tread carefully.

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