This Harry Potter-Friends Mashup Is The Show We Need Right Now

What do you do when you’re bored? Some people get drunk. Some people write songs, poetry, or the next heartfelt story. My lawyer advised me to never again talk about that night in 2009 I got so bored, but I can assure you it did not involve secession or Satanic rituals, despite numerous eyewitness reports.

If we go for regular things when we get bored, YouTuber Jeremiah Rivera (also known as Bahtmun) goes on his computer and created this amazing mashup of Harry Potter and Friends.

Now I feel really bad that this Harry Potter-Friends mashup isn’t happening for real.

Want to feel worse about a cast of fictional characters not getting the Friends treatment? Here’s his Avengers-Friends mashup.

Ade Magnaye

Ade is a bassist who blogs way too much about Doctor Who and Batman. Check out his blog at Noisy Noisy Man and follow him on Twitter: @AdeMagnaye

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