Is Black Widow Going for the Shorter Hair in Captain America: Civil War?

New photos of Scarlett Johansson in public have surfaced via Just Jared and it’s got a pretty big change in the actress’ look most likely as she reprises her role as Black Widow for Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War


We here at What’s a Geek think that it’s a ballsy move to go and completely remove go for the shorter cut. At the very least this could mean more Black Widow merchandise can be sold and created what with Disney and Marvel’s stance about making superheroine toys.


Also this is also a loyal portrayal for the character aesthetics wise as she really did sport a shorter hair for most of the 90s. Even around the early 2000s she was still sporting the short hair; this writer remembers that she actually had the apple cut around the time ‘Mighty Avengers’ started and she was drawn wickedly perfect by Frank Cho:


By the way, she was spotted attending a U2 concert with her husband at the time the photo was taken.

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