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Welcome True Believers! The last of the Captain America Trilogy has been something we have been waiting for for quite a while! We’ve patiently and painfully scrutinized teasers, trailers and panels all to quench the thirst and curiosity we have for this movie!  A while back, the What’s A Geek team gave their speculations and then our first impressions on Civil War. Now that we’ve watched it numerous times, we now present to you the Captain America: Civil War Mega Review from What’s A Geek!

Hail Hydra
The WAG team after Civil War!

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When I first heard that the third Captain America movie would be titled Civil War, I was quite surprised and was thinking that how would they include all of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just like in the comics and how the big fight of heroes versus heroes will look like.

Then the trailers came out. Moving forward to last night where I was able to watch it. It was very different from the comic source. In which I’m not complaining. In the previous MCU movies, they did change a lot from the source and made it fit to the live action version. It is the same when they introduced new characters in the mix. Particularly our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.  

Yes, Spider-Man was there. He was introduced in a very awesome matter. A good way for MCU to welcome him back. And I loved this Spider-Man. Tom Holland was the right choice to play both Peter Parker & Spider-Man. Yes, Tobey Maguire was a good choice for Spider-Man & Peter Parker back in 2000, until Spider-Man 3 came out. Yes, Andrew Garfield was a good choice for Spider-Man. Spider-Man alone. His Peter Parker was too emo. This MCU’s Spider-Man is, i think, comic fans have been waiting for.

The movie overall was awesome. The story, like the previous Captain America sequel, the ‘Winter Soldier’ has that certain depth, this time it tackles the issue of accountability for one’s action and it’s consequences that can affect everyone.

On the side note, that scene where Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) together, it brought a good level of nostalgia, especially for those who were growing up in the early 90’s.

Only You (1994)

I’m rating this movie 9/10.  It’s the type of movie that you want to watch it again and also buy the original copy when it comes out. 

craving a Snickers

Okay. So, let’s start with the good things: The movie was shiny as hell, and the action was top-notch. Newcomers Black Panther and Spidey had great, great screen time, and Scott Lang got our attention during the big fight scene. The plot came together pretty well, and it gave us a good enough reason for there to be titular fight.

But I got bored halfway through the movie.

I dunno, I don’t have any real complaints about the movie, but it just didn’t hook me the way Winter Soldier or Ant-Man did. I mean, I’m willing to handwave how everyone got rushed through the story; you have a cast that expansive, it’s to be expected. I loved that Spidey was in the movie, and he had some great scenes, but for some reason it left me unimpressed. T’challa though! Looking forward to seeing more of Bosewick’s T’challa on screen, I can tell you that. But for all the good bits, I just didn’t really enjoy the movie. There are specific bits that I don’t like, like how shoehorned Peter Parker feels, or the Futura looking scene transitions (I DON’T KNOW THEY REALLY BUGGED ME OKAY) or how I feel like they shit on Tony Stark’s character development since the first Iron Man movie, but normally these are all things I can handwave. So what is it? After much reflection, I find I just couldn’t get involved. Tony’s hardline stance on the registration felt forced, and then we had the eulogy that reinforced Cap’s line of thought (great job working that line into the movie, by the way) but it stopped being about the registration really quickly, and I found the entire kerfluffle about Barnes lame as hell.


Going back to the good, the action was great! I expect lots of shiny in my superhero movies, and Civil War delivered on that. Some great unexpected swerves in the story, especially if you’ve watched all the trailers and you think you’ve got the movie figured out, with some of the best swerves coming from the antagonist, who plays everyone, including the audience, masterfully.

I’m not impressed, but at least I’m not creating a new dent in my desk with my head, and there were bits that I genuinely enjoyed; I wish the movie was a little more self-contained (Winter Soldier and the Avengers movies are must-see) but otherwise it was pretty cool.

7/10, I really wish Reed Richards was in this movie.

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