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Zordon is The Danger, and the perks of being a Ranger.

So a couple of updates dropped this week regarding the nostalgia trip that is the new Power Rangers movie. Whether this is good news or bad news is entirely up to you.

First up, Bryan Cranston has been confirmed to be playing Zordon!

Known today for his time on Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, Cranston is actually an OG Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers alum, having voiced several of the Mighty Morphin’ villains early in his career. His legacy is further cemented by the fact that the original Blue Ranger Billy Cranston is actually named for him.

Next up, we have this thing.

power rangers movie

You were probably wondering what that hipster road trip thing in the article image was, and now you know. Get it? Good, please explain it to me. I suppose in the loosest sense, the image does evoke Power Rangers feels, I mean, we’ve got the five teenagers with attitude (lots of attitude) the MMPR logo in this milky way sort of thing going on, and then the copy, but I guess I’m not really feeling it? Like, off the top of my head, this image could do with a little more Power Rangers imagery, maybe the silhouette of a Zord or something. But as teaser images go, I guess it’s really not that bad.

The MMPR reboot movie titled Power Rangers is scheduled to come out on March 24, 2017, and is directed by found footage sci-fi director Dean Israelite.

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