They Tweaked a Bunch of Things for the New Power Rangers Movie Logo

Saban and Hollywood is definitely hellbent in releasing a new Power Rangers movie more than 20 years after the first one. In fact, we now have a full look at the logo they’ll be using for the film which is set to come out some time soon.

power rangers movie logo 2015

The new movie logos were unveiled in the Licensing Expo 2015 that’s happening this week in Las Vegas. You can very well see that Saban made quite a handful of tweaks on this new logo making it somewhat “new” while still harkening to the classic look.

There’s another “minimalist” logo that appeared in the expo which could also double as a teaser of sorts for the film.

power rangers movie logo 2015

The new Power Rangers film is slated for release January 13, 2017.

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