DEADLIFT LOLITA – Kawaii x Muscles x Energy

DEADLIFT LOLITA – “Hair Up. Throw Down.”

Japan is the uncontested capital of the kawaii and the cute, from Hello Kitty to AKB48. Japanese pop culture has never allowed itself to be boxed in by society’s normal standards. It’s in this vibrant environment where DEADLIFT LOLITA could be born – a fusion of kawaii, muscle, and joy. Ladybeard, a kawaiicore idol and pro-wrestler who visited the Philippines during Cosplay Mania 2015, teams up with rising star Reika Saiki, a fellow pro-wrestler and bodybuilding idol. The Strongest Idol Group on Earth is ready to take the world by storm!


Not content to only be comrades in DDT Pro-Wrestling promotion in Japan, Ladybeard combines his extreme metal music with the delicate alto vocals of Reika Seki. Innovated by artists like BABYMETAL and Ladybeard himself, DEADLIFT LOLITA performs Kawaiicore, mixing kawaii pop music and hardcore metal music. DEADLIFT LOLITA debuts their first single and music video on March 31st with their first live performance on April 5th at Club Asia in Shibuya Tokyo. Shade and ISAO wrote and accompanied four of their brand new original songs!.  Get a taste of their debut single, “SIX PACK TWINS” here! standby for more previews of their upcoming songs on March 10 and March 21 .

Ladybeard (real name: Rick Margery)

An Australian born pro-wrestler and heavy metal singer. Starting his wrestling career in Hong Kong, he joined Makkai Fighting Theater Aesthetic and Japanese DDT Pro Wrestling promotion where he won the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship three times. Ladybeard was also part of kawaiicore idol group, LadyBaby, with hit songs like Nippon Manju. Read more about him during his visit to the Philippines in Cosplay Mania 2015 here.

Saiki Reika

A model and member of Cheer♡1, a designated group of cheerleaders for pro wrestling league Wrestle-1, a unique feature among fight promotions in Japan.  Embodying the Cheer♡1 motto of “Sporty. Healthy. Beauty. Global.,” Saiki started body building while modelling. Although her manager tried to hide it for a time, Saiki eventually embraced bodybuilding fully, openly pursuing it along modeling. Her powerful, athletic build helps her stand out against Japan’s typical archetype of beauty in Japan. Saiki is showing how exercise can be part of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Saiki is also a successful wrestler in the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling promotion, with a string of victories and a title match against the reigning champion, Yuu.

Now when can we see DEADLIFT LOLITA feud with D-Generation X?

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