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The debut of local talent on international platforms of any kind is always worth celebrating.

Lunar Landings, an alternative rock band that formed last year, has just released their EP titled Four on Spotify! They’ve been doing the rounds in music joints like Mow’s and Route 196, and have done gigs for more than a few events. As such, it’s great to see that their stuff is now available for public consumption. Fans that have been following the band since they were formed are pleased to see that this album has all of Lunar Landings’ so-called “signature” songs.

Lunar Landings - Four EP

This band, before anything else, is a band of geeks and creatives before they are musicians. This shows in each and every one of the songs they put out. The sax and synth notes make for nice accents to the solid beats established by the drum work and the guitars. All of this compliments their lead vocal’s low and – yep, I’ll say it – sexy voice.

Lunar Landsings
They look great on stage too, and trust me when I say that they’re really fun to watch!

It’s hard to describe exactly what this band’s sound is beyond “jazz”. Personally, though, that’s one of their selling points for me. Full disclosure: I’m friends with the band’s members. They’ve told me that their jam sessions are exactly what they are: the lot of them coming together and going with the flow. Their range is impressive, as they can go from chill and smooth to banging in just a few seconds. Folks who love Pinoy bands like Radioactive Sago Project and The Out of Body Special are in for a treat with Lunar Landings.

Pretty much everyone loves “Black Magic” and “Hummingbird”, but my song of choice is “What Can I Say?” Every single remake they do has been gold too (“Seven Nation Army” and “Come As You Are”, anyone?). Sadly, they weren’t able to throw any of those into this EP. Maybe we’ll be able to look forward to listening to them in future releases!

The roster of Lunar Landings has seen some changes, but the core members have stayed the same. Pam Celeridad (who’s also a great artist, by the way) is the voice behind the band. Vinci Castelo is their lead guitar, with Kaloy Del Puerto on the bass. Paoi Sevilla is their keyboard/synth man, Chris Yodong plays their sax, and Peter Panelo is on the drums.

Do yourselves a favor and give these guys a spin on Spotify. Note, though, that the fifth track in their EP isn’t actually theirs – their manager is working to fix that issue ASAP. If you like what you’ve just heard, follow them on Facebook!

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