New Lenovo Megamall Concept Store Sports A Brighter, Sleeker Look

Lenovo presents its SM Megamall concept store to fans and tech hobbyists with a surprisingly new look. Why, what better way to show a commitment to the “modern avid gamer” than with a look that sells?

The Legion concept store at SM North shows Lenovo’s push to appeal to the mainstream gaming crowd. However, Lenovo isn’t done redesigning its stores yet. Its SM Megamall branch relaunches with a look that

If you go to SM Megamall’s Cyberzone area, you might be surprised to see that Lenovo’s Megamall branch is no more. Rather, you’d see a brighter, sleeker, and more minimalist concept store. If anything, this shows Lenovo’s commitment to its new branding – that is, to cater to “modern avid gamers.” What does it have, though?

Lenovo Megamall Concept Store: Brighter, Sleeker, Minimalist

The SM Megamall concept store celebrated its opening back on August 1. Fans, hobbyists, customers, and members of the media had a first peek to what appears to be the future of Lenovo stores. 

The Megamall concept store stuns both Lenovo newcomers and veterans alike. It’s still located at Megamall’s 4th floor Cyberzone section, but the concept store is more than just “refurbished.” The store sports brighter colors, and a more simple layout. It’s easier to walk around the store, brands and products are easy on the eyes, and it’s not as “intimidating” as other tech stores. 

Lenovo SM Megamall Store

Should you be a gamer, a professional, a student, or even a casual user, the Megamall concept store will be easy on the eyes and will be very inviting. Based on the layout, the Megamall concept store prioritizes giving customers the opportunity to experience firsthand Lenovo’s growing portfolio of devices.

This means customers can easily see product offerings across the ThinkPad, Legion, IdeaPad, and YOGA laptop and ultrabook lines. Moreover, there’s also room for Lenovo’s ThinkStation desktop computer brand, as well as IdeaCentre peripherals. 

The Megamall concept store is one of 19 concept and specialty Lenovo stores around the country. You can visit the store yourself and see Lenovo’s new offerings in SM Megamall during its opening hours.

Lenovo’s Winning Evolution: Flexible, Dyanmic Offerings

Sometimes, all you need is a makeover. And Lenovo renovating its Megamall concept store proves that if you want to evolve, you shouldn’t just look the part – you need to walk the talk, and own your new identity.

According to Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines’ Country General Manager, the concept store wants to provide a better experience for new and avid Lenovo customers alike. And this reflects their renewes thrust to dominate the tech field.

“One of the key strategies for growth [we use] is to focus efforts into excellent customer service by giving them everything they need before they even know it,” Ngan said.

Lenovo SM Megamall Concept Store 2

Moreover, Lenovo proves this. Aside from its visually-appealing stores, Lenovo continues to offer a multitude of new experiences for its varying user-base. Additionally, its new products answer almost any consumer needs through Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Yoga, and Legion lineups.

Not only that, but the company continues to provide various peripherals and accessories to fit various consumer needs. To top it off, Lenovo offers professional advice and technical support, as well as a dynamic warranty system to ensure they can provide the best quality service a tech company can provide.

Ngan added it’s this strategy has helped Lenovo “become the world’s #1 PC Company” in Q1 2019. Lenovo also dominated the top spot in terms of PC shipments in the same quarter, as per the analytics company Gartner.

Evolving For Modern Avid Gamers, Users

The Lenovo Megamall store proves the tech company’s push to fulfill its vision to cater to modern avid gamers and users in its vast market.

The brand’s new vision can help users of varying needs. Especially since today’s modern users need the right gear and the right tools to do various tasks.

And while more tech companies make the dream work with their merchandise, Lenovo has its own offerings to share.

Just like other tech giants, Lenovo offers a vast range of products for its various users. The days where tech companies only focus on gamers and hardcore users are no more. The “line” between casual computing experiences and heavy-duty gear seems to disappear as days go by.

In fact, nowadays, it’s about making sure consumers get the right kind of products for their needs. Meaning, there’s offerings for hardcore gamers, for professional on-the-go, for the home user, or for even students.

And if there’s anything Lenovo proves, it’s that it’s just getting started in its evolution in the market.

If you want to see a Lenovo device in action, you can check out our review of the Legion Y530 below!

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