Everyone Collides at Philippine Wrestling Revolution: Path of Gold 2017


All paths lead to the UNILAB Bayanihan Center in Pasig on February 26 at 2PM as Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents PATH OF GOLD 2017. Featuring three main events revolving around two of the most coveted prizes in Philippine wrestling: the Philippine Hybrid X Championship and the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Championship.


PWR Champion John Sebastian was successful in his first-ever title defense during January’s PWR LIVE: Bagong Yugto… but through the help of an unlikely “ally” in The Apocalypse. Just moments before the controversial finish, the challenger Jake De Leon had placed Sebastian in a submission lock that would have secured the win for the two-time champ. But from out of nowhere, The Apocalypse comes out to the PWR Champion’s aid and hits De Leon with a devastating Death Bell, with the match ending in a no-contest.

The next thing we see is The Apocalypse helping John Sebastian up to his feet and the two exchanging handshakes. But true to form, the heartless monster hits the Champion with a Death Bell of his own. The Apocalypse shows his true intentions — to get his hands on the PWR Championship. At PWR Path of Gold 2017, he gets that chance. It will be a championship match of epic proportions as PWR Champion John Sebastian once again defends his title against “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and The Apocalypse in an ALL OUT WAR. You know the rules: there are none. There will be no count-outs, no holds barred, and no disqualifications.

The Triple Threat format of the match makes this exciting as the Champion John Sebastian doesn’t even have to be involved in the decision to lose his belt. The Wrestling Lord and Saviour, John Sebastian, will have his hands full with Jake De Leon. The Senyorito is already an experienced former champion and has more than proven himself to be a capable three-time bearer of the belt. The dark horse in this match is The Apocalypse. Gold has eluded the monster in the past, but the All Out War is arguably his specialty match. The Apocalypse will take much joy in inflicting as much pain with as many chairs, tables, and weapons as he can. John Sebastian definitely has two massive mountains to overcome to come out on top. 


280 DAYS. Let that sink in. That’s how long Main Maxx, the then longest-reigning PHX Champion, held the title for. He was unstoppable. He was invincible. He was the Ultimate Hybrid. Until a certain Peter Versoza came into the picture.Main Maxx and Peter Versoza aren’t strangers to each other. In fact, they once called each other brothers. And like with all brothers, jealousy arises. The longer Main Maxx stays PHX Champion, the stronger Peter Versoza’s longing for a taste of gold gets. And so P to the V did the smart thing to do: turn on his brother.

Fast forward to January’s PWR LIVE: Bagong Yugto, Main Maxx walked out that curtain as champion for the very last time. A cocky Peter Versoza would give the Ultimate Hybrid the fight of his life… and take the PHX Championship from him. Invoking his rematch clause, Main Maxx will be coming back for his most-prized possession at PWR Path of Gold 2017, and Peter Versoza will be ready to defend to the hilt.

This battle between brothers will definitely be an exciting and enduring match. Main Maxx remained champion for more than nine months for a reason. He is as skilled as they come and more agile than he seems. His experience fighting several top competitors in PWR gives him a veteran’s edge. New PHX Champion Peter Versoza needs to rely on his familiarity with his former stablemate and the backstreet brutality that has made him a feared athlete. What he lacks in size, strength, and speed, Peter Versoza makes up for in cunning and a hunger to retain the gold that he coveted for so long. This will truly be a test of wills!


During January’s PWR LIVE: Bagong Yugto, PWR General Manager Mr. Sy had arranged for special “evaluation matches” to see who from the PWR roster are deserving enough to enter the upcoming PATH OF GOLD Tournament. This tournament grants the winner a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a championship of his or her choosing—the PWR Championship or the PHX Championship.

Two competitors start off in the ring, and every 2 minutes a new entrant comes in. The only way to eliminate a competitor is by pinfall or submission. The last person standing wins the Path of Gold Trophy and instant contendership for either championship at the third annual Wrevolution X.

So far the PWR General Manager has announced the official and partial list making up 16 out of the 20 participants to the PATH OF GOLD Tournament. They are the following:

  • Robynn
  • Logan Ollores
  • Ralph Imabayashi
  • Rederick Mahaba
  • Martivo
  • Miguel Rosales
  • Yohann Ollores
  • Joey Bax
  • Vlad Sinnsyk
  • Ken Warren
  • Crystal
  • Chris Panzer
  • Chino Guinto
  • Mike Madrigal
  • James “Idol” Martinez

This is the biggest PATH OF GOLD Tournament PWR has ever put up. With 4 more slots to still fill in, there’s just no telling who will win the ultimate prize.

Luck of the draw will determine who will come out with the Path of Gold Trophy. The beauty of this match resides in the absolute unpredictability of the what will happen. Imagine a slobber knocker of an event with twenty wrestlers in one ring! This match will test the bonds of friendship between teammates and family. This match can rekindle the flames of rivalries long since passed.

Opponents who have never faced each other in the squared circle will come face to face at last. Strange alliances are sure to foster in a heated environment. Unlike a more traditional battle royale, wrestlers need to be pinned or submitted, upping the difficulty of every competitor. With so many slots still unfulfilled, will we see the return of much beloved (or much derided) PWR Alumni? Will we see the in-ring debut of someone completely new? There can only be one survivor in the Path of Gold 2017! You have to see it to believe it!

PWR Path of Gold 2017 will be on Sunday February 26, 2017 at the Bayanihan Center in Kapitolyo and the event will start at 2PM. For ticket inquiries, message PWR’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PHWrestlingRevo or send an e-mail to pwr.tickets@gmail.com!

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PWR Twitter & Instagram: @pwrofficial

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