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Cartoon Network Philippines September 2015 Programming Highlights

Get some seriously fun, out-of-this-world action with the global premiere of Exchange Student Zero only on Cartoon Network starting September 2015.   A brand-new Cartoon Network original series will be making its global premiere this month. Exchange Student Zero follows the lives of two friends, John and Max, who are obsessed with Battle Day Zero,…

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Filbars Opens Doors to Greenhills Shoppers Once More

Remember that time when Greenhills was synonymous to Filbars? Before the Internet and smartphones people had to really visit places like Greenhills to get comic books and the occasional geek merch through, you guessed it, Filbars. Sadly they closed shop for a while but thanks to the new owners and a stronger presence, Filbars once…

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8 Nummy Sweets from the Virtual World Made Possible for you

 Many of our beloved characters binge on their favorite desserts and they appear more loveable whenever they do. Some of these items in our list are available in reality, but there is something about their versions that makes us wish we could snack on them as well! We looked at some of our favorite cartoon…

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