Marvel Legends


Filbars Opens Doors to Greenhills Shoppers Once More

Remember that time when Greenhills was synonymous to Filbars? Before the Internet and smartphones people had to really visit places like Greenhills to get comic books and the occasional geek merch through, you guessed it, Filbars. Sadly they closed shop for a while but thanks to the new owners and a stronger presence, Filbars once…

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hobgoblin Wave Review

Thwip! Thwip! We got a load of Legends this year and in just 3 weeks, I got this wave after the Allfather Odin Wave! Wallet busting 1st quarter of the year but damn we're being spoiled by Hasbro. For this wave we got 6 figures and 1 Build-A-Figure. I must say, Hasbro's doing a good…

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Rave and Rant: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave and SHFiguarts Avengers

Hey there, guys! New year, new action figures coming and surely, there'll be more reveals in upcoming weeks from different brands such as SHFiguarts, Hasbro, DC, Sideshow Collectibles and many more! Stay tuned here to my Rave and Rant series here at What's A Geek. To start of this year, let me share to you…

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