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This is not a drill: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed

Remember this? You thought we were kidding. Well, we thought so too. It's E3 once again, and PlayStation has just announced--and confirmed--the rumors floating around since Advent Children came out. We're finally getting a Final Fantasy 7 remake. Yoshinori Kitase, Kazushige Nojima, and none other than Tetsuya Nomura have been announced as Producer, Scenario Creator, and Director,…

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What’s a Geek April Fool’s Day 2015 Official Press Release

Before this day ends, we at What's a Geek would like to issue our official statement regarding the articles we have posted today (April 1, 2015) we cannot stress enough that these are merely parodies and are not in any way 'real' news. In the spirit of fair play, we apologize for any offense or…

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Square Enix Officially Announces the Long Awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake Set for 2018

Square Enix went online today to announce that they have finally agreed to release a Playstation 4 exclusive remake of Final Fantasy VII. According to reports, the game will be taking advantage of the Playstation 4's amazing microprocessor to remake everything from the beloved RPG franchise. Even better news is the fact that there will…

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