Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill Back as Batman and The Joker in ‘Justice League Action!’

Here ye, here ye! The most essential team of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back in their most essential roles: Batman and The Joker. And just in time for  Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice, yeah? Anyway, Cartoon Network has a new DC animated series coming up under the title Justice League Action. For those…

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The Joker is coming to ‘Gotham’

Fox teases the next Gotham episode, entitled "The Blind Fortune Teller," with a heavy-handed reference to Batman's archnemesis. The preview doesn't name the Joker outright: instead, it cuts to shot of a young man (Cameron Monaghan) being questioned by Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who lets out that uncanny, maniacal laugh. You be the judge.…

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