Avisala! Meet The New Sang’gres Of Encantadia

Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez and Glaiza De Castro are the new Sang’gres of Encantadia. Last April 4th, GMA-7 unveiled the actresses who would take on the roles of the four Sang’gres in the much anticipated remake of the telefantasya. The original series captivated the hearts of Pinoy fans in 2005-2006.

(L to r) Sanya Lopez, Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Padilla and Glaiza De Castro: the new Sangg’res of Encantadia 2016
Photo via: GMAEncantadia


The first to be revealed was Kylie Padilla, who will portray Sang’gre Amihan. Her character is the caretaker of the Brilyante ng Hangin (Wind Gem). Amihan was first portrayed by Iza Calzado.

The next actress to go on stage was Gabbi Garcia who will play Sang’gre Alena. She is the bearer of the Brilyante ng Tubig (Water Gem), a character first portrayed by singer/actress Karylle.

Newcomer Sanya Lopez was revealed as Sang’gre Danaya. Danaya is the bearer of the Brilyante ng Lupa (Earth Gem). Diana Zubiri was Danaya in the original series.

The announcement of Glaiza de Castro as Sang’gre Pirena rounds out the four main characters. She is the first born of the four Sang’gres and wields the Brilyante ng Apoy (Fire Gem). Pirena was previously played by Sunshine Dizon.


Revealed to be among the cast during the unveiling are Rochelle Pangilinan, Ruru Madrid, Rocco Nacino and General Luna star John Arcilla. Arcilla will star as Hagorn, King of Hatoria. It was already announced several weeks ago that Marian Rivera will play the role of Ynang Reyna Mine-A, Queen of Lireo and mother of the four Sang’gres. Her husband Dingdong Dantes, himself a former cast member of the original Encantadia, will also appear as Raquim, Amihan’s father.

The upcoming remake is a retelling of the original story, a “requel” according to show director Mark Reyes, with new material added to expand on the old story.I guess a “requel” in a way is kind of like retconning in comics. If done right, it can be amazing, and done poorly then everyone will be like “WTH?!”. That said, I’m fairly excited to see what Encantadia 2016 will be like. Would it live up to expectations and be just as good, or even better than source material? I guess we’ll know in a few months. Encantadia‘s remake is rumored to air in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

As for the new Sang’gres of Encantadia, congratulations for landing such big roles! I wish all of them luck for they have some big armor to fill, and even bigger expectations to meet.

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