Time to go ‘Full Throttle’ on FOX Sports!

Let’s face it, dear What’s A Geek readers (yes, both of you) – this blog is composed mostly of comic book-reading, anime-loving, geeks. Fast cars and everything that goes with that lifestyle do not appeal to most of the WAG crew. So it was intriguing when FOX Sports invited us to attend the launch party of their new show, Full Throttle.

Send in a bunch of geeks who barely know anything about cars to hobnob with media people – what could go wrong?

Surprisingly, nothing.

Rhian Ramos

Hosted by Sam YG and Rhian Ramos, Full Throttle will premiere on FOX Sports on September 8, 2016. Aimed at gearheads and car enthusiasts of all levels, the show aims to cater to die-hard motor fans and entertain the general public. Featuring car reviews, spotlights on automotive suppliers and dealers, and huge celebrity guests, Full Throttle aims to send its hosts through a gauntlet of insane challenges filmed over land, sea, and air.

Full Throttle PH_1

So how does Full Throttle appeal to this guy who knows absolutely nothing about cars? I’m interested.

I like how they seem to approach the subject carefully, explaining things to people who have never shown any interest in the subject before. This might open me up to a whole new bunch of things to geek out on. Let’s check out Full Throttle together when it airs every Thursday on FOX Sports starting September 8!

Full Throttle Ph_2

Ade Magnaye

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