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Customs Delayed ‘Phantom Pain’ Philippine Release?

It seems like there’s more to the delays of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release, at least here in the Philippines.

According to confidential sources, the delay in the release of Hideo Kojima’s highly-anticipated game was allegedly due to a “customs issue.” Aside from the physical copies of the game, other goods that come with the Limited Edition package of the aforementioned game are also delayed with the base game, including limited edition PS4 units, and the replica robot arm of the game’s protagonist, Big Boss. Rumors started circulating when Data Blitz, iTech, and Game One Gadget (also the sister brand of iTech), local video game retailers, have posted on their respective Facebook pages regarding this issue, and have also texted their customers about the delay, but did not mention the alleged “customs issue.”

PP Delay iTech

PP Delay GameOne

PP Delay Data Blitz

Besides the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, two other video game titles have delayed Philippine releases: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, and Mad Max.

A close friend of the What’s A Geek staff was just at the Bureau of Customs office in Pasay City when he overheard a conversation between some BoC officials allegedly referring to the highly-anticipated video game. One of them has been heard explicitly describing the limited edition PS4 unit, saying “Magandang laruan ito ah! Kulay pula pa, sakto magpa-Pasko.” (“This looks fun! It’s even red, just in time for Christmas.”)

What’s a Geek tried to get in contact with the Bureau of Customs but they have so far been unreachable.

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