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New Expansion for Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament!

1437639552076Pull up a chair by the hearth! Oh-ho-ho, it’s good to see you again!

Are you guys ready? Hearthstone just announced their latest expansion pack: The Grand Tournament! The flavor for this pack takes on the jousting matches of yore and throws in goblins, murlocs, ogres and even undead into the mix.

The Grand Tournament started when the Argent Crusade held events to find champions to fight the undead menace in the Frozen North. Now, in these times of peace, people of all races come and have a little bit of jousting fun!

Check out the trailer for this expansion below!

Did you catch anything cool from the trailer? We did!
2Remember this trifling gnome from World of Warcraft? Rumor has it, he might be the new warlock for this set! Can’t wait to see where Wilfred Fizzlebang will pop out!

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These are stills from the trailer. Do you guys see what I see? That’s the Death Knight Arthas! Are we finally getting this class as a playable character? We sure hope so!
Now, what’s an expansion without new cards? We have here a compilation of the released cards for this set:

Credits to Anon from /hsg/!

These are only 16 out of the 132 new cards coming in The Grand Tournament expansion and from the small preview that we have, it seems that the Mage class will be dominating the meta once again! As a Shaman player, the new cards look really good but pale in comparison to the Mage and the Hunter cards. Here’s hoping for better cards to be released soon and meta shifts in favor of Shaman!

We also have a new keyword: Inspire. This mechanic procs whenever you use your Hero Power. Different cards would interact with Inspire in different ways; some would give bonus attack while others would allow you to gain spells and class cards for free. Many of the cards in this set would interact with your Hero Power, Mage cards in particular would allow the player to use their Hero Power more times and for less mana. MAGE OP
That’s all we have for this release, check back here for more Hearthstone The Grand Tournament news!

Hearthstone The Grand Tournament will be released this August! Hearthstone is available on iOS, Android and on the PC


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