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From Software’s ‘Dark Souls 3’ Gets Announced

Last week, we got “leaks” of Dark Souls 3. Earlier today at Microsoft’s E3 conference, we got official word about the latest entry: Dark Souls 3. 

So what do we know about it? Firstly it’s coming out on the Xbone, PS4, and PC via Steam. Secondly, It has a release window of early 2016… and that’s all. In typical Souls fashion we are given as little information as possible. We don’t even know who is directing it, but hopefully it’s Miyazaki and his team. All we can tell from the trailer, is that it will take place in a medieval setting (as all mainline Souls games are), and that there’s some sort of undead scourge roaming the lands. We don’t even get to see the player character.

And that’s how you do a Dark Souls announcement! Keep the fans in the dark (pun intended) as you do in the games themselves. We will keep you guys posted for any further announcements (including the Bloodborne DLC announcement at the Sony Conference). But boy, 2016 cannot come early enough!

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