It may not have broken anyone’s Geiger counter, but the hype is OVER 9000 as The Rock brought in UFC champion Ronda Rousey to face Stephanie McMahon and Triple H of The Authority on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

It all started when The Authority started celebrating the attendance number record being broken which gradually shifted into one of those trademark McMahon “I OWN YOU” promos… until The Rock felt he’s heard enough.

After a few Rock-quality jokes and a throwback to Rock’s early days, things started to heat up and ended up with Stephanie McMahon delivering her trademark bitchslap to The Rock. The Rock is not one to hit women, so he called for some reinforcements from the front row… someone clad in a Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9000” tanktop… and one of the Four Horsewomen: Ronda Rousey.


After declaring the Wrestlemania ring to be hers, The Rock starts laying the smacketh down on The Authority…

and Rousey Judo throws Triple H in the process too!

Stephanie tries to bitchslap Rousey, but we all know how that would go…


Despite ruling as the UFC Women’s Champ, Rousey is no stranger to pro wrestling, and is well known as a pro wrestling nut and regularly attends indie events nearby. She was also Stephanie’s guest (along with the rest of the Horsewomen) back in Summerslam so one can only speculate that this angle has been on the works all along.

And Rousey says she isn’t done yet.

Images courtesy of WWE

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