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Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance Demo Impressions

NIS America released the demo for the next Disgaea game, Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance, a couple of weeks back via the PlayStation Network and judging by how it went, it’s shaping up to be one of the best Disgaeas ever.

Killia Profile
Puns and jokes are staples in Disgaea.

The demo covers the entire first chapter of the game, which means that you’ll be going through the basics and tutorials. Newcomers to the Disgaea franchise would certainly need to take note of all these, but as a Disgaea veteran myself I would recommend going through these explanations which would both serve as refresher courses and comic relief.

Disgaea 5 status screen
Your typical Disgaea status screen

The Disgaea franchise has been known as a game where newcomers have a very steep learning curve to put up with, but here in Disgaea 5, it seems like NIS has made it a bit more presentable for newbies. The status screen still presents you with a lot of stats however it’s a lot more streamlined than before, keeping note of even the strangest stuff like ally kills and reincarnation rates. The recruitment system has been changed as well, you no longer need to have to go the Assembly but rather just use the recruiter to get more peons. There’s still some grinding involved, but Quests are a good way to do these grinds without having to get worried about tiring yourself out.

Disgaea 5 map shot
You’re toast, doods.

The presentation of the game is quite top-notch as well. The sprites look really clean, and the map graphics are pretty as well. The OST is at par with the rest of the Disgaeas, too. The BGM at the home base is so serene, I actually fell asleep in the middle pf playing.

Disgaea 5 homebase
Yes, Plenair is still here.

One thing I can’t really comment on yet are the characters themselves. There’s still little that was shown about Killia and Seraphina in the demo so it’s hard to pass judgment on them yet. They seem to be utilizing these Tales of-style skits to flesh more characterization for them which is a great and interesting addition.

And the best thing about this demo? You can continue your progress when the main game ships out!

I have never been this excited for a Disgaea game. Let’s all do ourselves a favor and buy the game when comes out on October 7, dood!

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