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EXCLUSIVE: Nintendo Lite Switch Joins Switch 2020 Lineup

Nintendo paves the way for a technological leap in its gaming lineup, providing gamers with not just one but a whole host of devices after the Nintendo Switch. And it appears Nintendo has more surprises to tease this 2020 – starting with the Nintendo Lite Switch.

Gamers have expressed their dismay over the announcement of the cheaper, more lightweight Nintendo Switch Lite. And tech enthusiasts have begun arguing about the merits of a Switch Lite that couldn’t, well, “switch” modes. After all, the main selling point of the Switch relied on its capabilities as a home console as well as a handheld device. 

You can get high definition gaming and a multiplayer experience on or off a huge display, courtesy of a single device. If a smaller version couldn’t offer this selling point, how is it any different from the Wii U?

It appears it’s all in the timing. The geniuses at Nintendo have done it again. Folks from the hit gaming company pinged us with an exclusive in some of its upcoming products. And one product struck our curiosity the most: the Nintendo Lite Switch.

Nintendo Lite Switch: Lighten Up Gameplay

Nintendo banks on a simple theme across its new line of products: simplicty. According to the email Nintendo sent What’s A Geek!, new gaming devices and consoles tend to fail because they try to become everything at once. With Nintendo, they believe incremental releases are the way to go. And the Lite Switch shows this. 

The Lite Switch offers a simple, straightforward yet attractive design. The device in itself takes the shape of a small rectangle about the size of the hand, with all its internal components accessible with a simple switch, hence the name. 


The Lite Switch has a compact and easy-to-recognize design, which makes it one of the most innovative devices yet to be released by Nintendo.

“We opted for a simple design to prove you don’t need to be confusing to make a great design,” they said in an email. “We want to stay true in both the games we make and the consoles we release. We want to make sure consoles we release can still help you play a plumber, be a trainer, explore breaths of wilds, and even play other third-party games without confusion.”

This simple design shows quite a new face in the realm of gaming. When controllers themselves overwhelm gamers with multiple control layouts, the Lite Switch only has one. The simplicity in its design can confuse gamers, but the fact that Nintendo has condensed all gameplay mechanisms in a switch is proof of excellence. 

What The Nintendo Lite Switch Offers

Aside from its compact appearance and simple controls, the Nintendo Lite Switch includes a plethora of features for gamers. Nintendo made sure to offer a base set of features for both casual and professional gamers alike. 

According to folks from Nintendo, fans can expect these features from the new device:

  • It has a 1 pixel LED screen. Nintendo has made it compact to the point that gameplay can be condensed in that small a screen, and still produce high definition graphics when projected via any projection device. 
  • The screen has great back lighting, making it quite the optimal companion for trips in bright areas or broad daylight. 
  • It has a reading mode, perfect for casual players in environments with dim lighting.
  • It has a night mode perfect for those late night gaming sessions.
All the 16 million colors you need on your screen

Such High Definition, Easy Access

The Nintendo Lite Switch has this time paid more attention to graphics and access of materials. Courtesy of Nintendo’s news, it’s been known that the Lite Switch serves as a prototype of Nintendo’s new projects.

The screen rates a 100-percent self-repair-ability, with an optic-based diagnostic system. It’s built for defects to be easily noticeable, with replacements available almost everywhere. Nintendo wins this round in accessibility and ease of repairs.

As a bonus feature, it also has a prototype diagnostics system, capable of providing aid for gamers with certain physical or mental health concerns. The Lite Switch is capable of diagnosing basic signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It also has a built-in light feature to aid visual impairment in dark rooms. 

Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch

The features of the Lite Switch are great, especially for a newer, cheaper console. However, what games can it play?

Nintendo has a great line-up of games ready for the Nintendo Lite Switch. They’re preparing some new games for excited users, like:

  • Red Light, Green Light, which is a great party game for when you have friends over.
  • The Color Wheel game is a great game to play, and it apparently involves a huge attention to detail. 
  • Last but not least, we can’t forget Rave Club Simulator (epileptic seizure warning) for when you wanna get down and dance the night away to your favorite tunes.

In Color Wheel, you can also cycle through the 16 million different colors that the Nintendo Lite Switch is capable of displaying. It’s the perfect game for the end of the night when you and all your friends are in a drunken stupor, ready to be amused at absolutely anything. 

Of course, other than the new games that Nintendo is coming up with for the Nintendo Lite Switch, games that we all know and love will also be available to play. The Lite Switch will be capable of playing games such as Dying Light, Metro Last Light, Faster Than Light, and Donkey Kong.

Almost Too Good To Be True

The Lite Switch isn’t all rainbows and butterflies as this light also casts a shadow. The Lite Switch isn’t portable and can only be installed in one room. The Lite Switch is also not compatible with TV outs. 

However, the Lite Switch does share ceiling compatibility. Moreover, its internal components can be customized to fit rounder, edgier, or curvier glass appearances. It’s also easy to install, as it’s just plug and go. 

Regardless, we’re expecting the Lite Switch to be a bright addition to your home gaming experience! Nintendo releases the Lite Switch as part of its new line of Switch products beginning 2020. 

Editor’s note: Yes, this is satire.


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