Obscure Comic Book Cults We Can Totally Laugh at

In line with the recent events that happened locally, we here at What’s a Geek want you take a break from all the social media monitoring and arguments and find a way to laugh at all this craziness. So we give you some obscure comic book cults we can totally laugh at.



This cult was established after the death of Conner Kent during Infinite Crisis. It was formed by a man named Devem and was hellbent on bringing back Conner Kent to life after it was revealed that his death was what stopped Alexander Luthor of Earth III from carrying out his plans. The group was active during the maxiseries 52 and was the plot line which Ralph Dibny played through. Involved in the group was Cassandra Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl who also happened to Conner’s girlfriend at the time.

What’s to Laugh at: Had they waited a few more years, they’d probably see Conner back in action via Final Crisis.



The Order is the main cult in the Silent Hill games as well as the IDW Publishing books. They serve two gods in their mythos one is the red god, Xuchilbara and the Yellow God, Lobsel Vith both who are seen as living representations of Samael on earth.  It was these guys that let out the iconic Pyramid Head into the world and its also them that keep on putting devious beasties in the game and even in the comic books.

What’s to Laugh About: Nothing really. We could laugh at how scared shit we are. If you want to be bothered some more, you can watch the first Silent Hill movie to rustle your jimmies further.



In the story arc “Three” a new cult has been making the round called “The Other side of Zero” which is a reference to the Negative (zone). Johnny gets duped into taking a beautiful girl to the Baxter Building which is later revealed to be an Annihilation Wave bug sent to this world by Annihilus to open the door to the Negative Zone. By the end of the story, Johnny Storm is presumed ‘dead’ protecting his family and the door.

What’s to Laugh About: The bug-girl is funny in a weird way.



While we’re not sure that this cult will appear in Avengers 3, know that in the comic books, Thanos did have an army of mad worshipers at his beck and call. He was already serving the 616 version of Death so any death worshiper would gravitate towards the insanely powerful titan. They’ve done a lot of his bidding too making them an efficient lot.

As of Infinity, Thanos had raised a new army which may or may not have members of this dreaded cult; oh and he also has five crazy strong generals that come along with said army.


Whats to Laugh About: That crazy 80’s fashion sense.



The Church of Blood we’ve seen in Arrow is similar AND different from the one that appeared in Teen Titans. Yes we have Sebastian Blood as the leader and there are crimes committed by this cult but the Arrow-verse version has more than that.

I don’t want to bore you with specifics because c’mon, HYDRA it aint. But these guys are as hive-minded as any other cult and they have been foiled by various DC heroes outside of the Teen Titans.

Whats to Laugh About: How bout the fact that Arrow-verse Brother Blood looks like he wore a soiled sack cloth or the fact that him and his entire cult gets easily taken down by Robin/ Nightwing and the rest of the Teen Titans? Also the mask above looks like a lovechild by Scarecrow and Bane (not a great thing to behold)

Do you have any other obscure comic book cult you want to cite or add to the list? Leave a comment below and we’ll definitely add more.

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