Rob Cham’s ‘Light’ Gets An International Release!

Rob Cham’s Light is a delightful book. I personally rank it in one of the top 5 locally released comic books of 2016, and my fellow What’s A Geek writers will agree. In our original review written by Nicole, she says that Light:

… delightfully delivered by his quirky art in the most simple and charming way. The first thing you should know about his new book is that there no words: only characters, adventure, and colour (or the lack of it at first). Be warned: for such a cute book, there’s a bit of morbid humour that will either tickle your funny bone or leave you a little sympathetic towards the creatures that Rob has created.

It’s also been nominated in the 35th National Book Awards for Best Book of Graphic Literature (Wordless). Light is also the sole nominee in that category; I think it’s safe to say that he’s gonna win that. So if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you go and pick up a copy right away.

If you’re not based in the Philippines, however, getting your hands on a copy is no longer a challenge. Foreign readers will now have a chance to read Rob’s fantastic work. You see, Light is getting a much-deserved international release this September 21.

I chatted up Rob for his thoughts on Light’s international release.

Hi Rob! How did you land an international release for Light?

Rob: I met Ulises Fariñas over Twitter. He and Storme Smith are the masterminds behind Buño, my publisher. It’s an imprint under Magnetic Press. At the time I was promoting the local release of Light, I had added Ulises over Facebook. He asked about it and I sent over a copy. He liked it and we started talking about working on something together. Sometime after that he got this opportunity and asked if he could publish Light as Buño’s first release.

So how does it feel to have one of your works to be internationally released?

Rob: It still feels surreal getting published internationally, never thought I’d get the opportunity honestly. Now I’m kind of hoping it turns out alright and maybe I could hopefully make a name for myself outside of the Philippines as well.

Once it’s released, where can people get it?

Rob: It should be available in bookstores, you can order it right now at your local comic book shop. Diamond code JUL161750. It’s going to be out in the world on September 21st, and Ulises is releasing it at SPX 2016.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of Light, make sure to get a copy once it’s out on September 21!

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