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Second month of convention season means more events and festivities to expect. Before you prepare your next round of cosplay, or before you schedule a meetup with your friends, you may want to consider reading this list. After all, there’s much more to August 2018 events and happenings than meet the eye.

Our crew here at What’s A Geek! has gathered the most highly-anticipated events and happenings for the month of August.

August 2018 Events and Happenings: Not Just Convention Season

July proved the start of convention season meant the arrival of quite the thrilling set of events and happenings to attend. Last month’s AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 is proof that geekdom this year is far from done when it comes to celebrating the love for their passions in life. Here are some more events to look forward to this August.

Week 1 (Aug. 1 to Aug. 5)

Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2018 (August 3)

Local films have always been a point of contention among Filipino viewers. However, the indie film community stays strong thanks to film festivals such as Cinemalaya. Head to the Cultural Center of the Philippines this August 3 to August 12 to experience a 10-day-long indie film experience. To the uninitiated, Cinemalaya remains popular to the hearts of many thanks to its slate of unique and interesting independent films. Amateurs and veterans in the film industry praise the festival for featuring films that stay true to the creative nature of Filipinos.

Komikon Indieket 2018 (Aug. 4)

What better way to show your love for your hobby than to show it in your own image? Komikon Indieket 2018 showcases the country’s rising talents in the art of independent komiks. If you want to meet and greet the newest in this generation’s line of artists and writers, you ought to head to Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong this August 4. Aside from mingling with creators, you can also meet fellow fans of local komiks!

Coloring the Future 2018 (August 4)

Artists and aspiring artists should go to Edsa Shangri-La in Mandaluyong to celebrate the art of coloring. Sakura Philippines and National Book Store team up to bring this fantastic art event this August 4. Coloring the Future 2018 focuses on the simplistic and nostalgic art of coloring and adds a unique twist. Just how will coloring affect the way we view the future? You may just find out in this year’s 35th anniversary of Sakura Coloring Products.

Week 2 (Aug. 6 to Aug. 12)

History Con 2018 (Aug. 10)

If you’ve ever been a fan of Giorgio Tsoukalos and HISTORY’s Ancient Aliens, then History Con 2018 is for you. History Con pegs itself as the biggest entertainment convention in Manila, and it’s certainly gearing up to do just that. Tsoukalos himself will headline the event, which will feature a wide variety of professionals and celebrity guests to show convention goers that history will always be an engaging topic of discussion. Learn more about Earth’s past and the mysteries that lurk behind the scenes in this convention. Head to the World Trade Center in Metro Manila this August 10 to join the fun.

MurderCon: A celebration of detectives and murder mysteries (August 11)

No, you don’t get to murder anyone at MurderCon. You might get to immerse yourself in an environment with people enthusiastic about detectives and mysteries, though! Gamers and GMs Philippines and Ludo Live! present the country’s first mini-convention dedicated solely on murder mysteries and detective stories. If you fancy yourself a fan of police procedurals, detective noir, murder mysteries, and other forms of sleuthing – this is for you. Head to Green Sun in Chino Roces, Makati this August 11 and immerse yourself with the festivities. The convention features six (!) games of a variety of settings, so be sure to gear up your detective skills as they’ll be put to the test.

Anime Festival 2018 (August 11)

Yes, there’s not one, but two (2!) anime conventions this month. Head to the SMX Convention in Pasay City this August 11 and 12 for Anime Festival 2018. Otaku Events will be hosting this celebration of otaku culture, which means fans have another event to go to meet and mingle. Stay tuned for a lot of surprises, cosplay opportunities, merchandise, and fun and games in this thrilling event.

Week 3 (Aug. 13 to Aug. 19)

Globe Conquerors Manila 2018 (Aug. 18 to 19)

Much can be argued about just how “toxic” communities are in video games. However, if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a League of Legends fan, you ought to join Globe Conquerors Manila 2018. Aside from meeting the best and the brightest of League players in the Philippines, a whopping USD 250,000 is at stake. Globe Conquerors Manila positions itself as part of the SEA Tour series of tournaments. This determines just who will be Southeast Asia’s bet in the World Championship this year – all thanks to Globe Telecom’s partnership with Garena. Aspiring combatants should gear up as they will face not only local fans, but also players from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. In fact, the eight (8) best teams from the five (5) countries will duke it out at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Karimlan: Ang Unang Pagtitipon (August 19)

Project Tadhana will finally have its first convention in the form of Karimlan: Ang Unang Pagtitipon. The team behind Tadhana, as well as Gamers & GMs Philippines, presents the brand new continent Eskri in this convention’s megagame. The convention features five (!) connected campaign tables, all with adventurers embarking on a journey in this mysterious land. Those curious about Project Tadhana might be delighted to know it’s actually an original tabletop roleplaying game that draws a lot of inspiration from Filipino urban legends, folk tales, and mythology.

Week 4 (Aug. 20 to Aug. 26)

The Best of Anime 2018 (Aug. 25)

You can finally catch up and meet your fellow anime fans in The Best of Anime 2018. In the spirit of being an otaku, the event showcases only the best of the best in anime this year. While asking about “the best” anime of 2018 will ignite a fight anywhere, it’s undeniable that a lot of good material has been released this year. Gear up for cosplay festivities, special merchandise, and more at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City this August 25 to 26.

Deus Sex Machina 18: Like A Virgin, Too! (Aug. 31)

Ever been curious just how exactly do people, uh, do it under the sack? What’s A Geek!‘s very own Ade Magnaye has written something for Deus Sex Machina that details quite the crazy tale of adults trying their best to do “adult” things. Mingle with fellow geeks and enthusiasts, laugh at adult jokes, and share quite a fun night of storytelling to cap the busy month.

Verdict: Quite The Thrilling August 2018 Events And Happenings

In this second month of convention season, August 2018 events and happenings prove that there’s more to geekdom than just attending gatherings. Geeks all over the Philippines have quite a ton of selections to choose from when it comes to making a highlight out of their August experience. If you’re looking to make your August extra memorable, don’t forget to bookmark this list!

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