APCC Starter Pack: Your Convention Essentials, What To Bring And Expect

If you’ve been an avid fan of conventions, you may be stoked to hear that AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 (APCC Manila 2018) will be back in the Philippines for the fourth time. However, as with any convention, fans ought to prepare for every eventuality. Rains prepare to blast their way to the Philippines once more. So it appears convention preparation needs to take a turn for the serious. After all, not only are we preparing our wallets and our geeky hearts, but also for a whole lot of other things as well. If you want to participate in preparing for the merrymaking this upcoming weekend, then this article is for you!

APCC Manila 2018: Convention Preparation

If you’re like us careful geeks, preparing for a convention can become serious business. After all, going to the SMX Convention Center this July 27 to 29 with thousands of other fans won’t exactly be a walk in the park. With a ton of booths to explore, a lot of merchandise to resist (?) buying, and a lot of guests to see – things can get overwhelming. Thankfully, our team here at What’s A Geek! have listed our best tips on what to bring and what to expect this year in APCC Manila.

What To Bring

Conventions can be messy business, and not being prepared can spoil the fun for you. The list of items below apply to any sort of attendee – be it a casual goer, a cosplayer, or even someone managing a booth. Always remember to think of a convention as a one-day vacation. What exactly do you need?

  • Identification, and of course the ticket: Always remember to bring identification, especially if you’re not “just” going as a casual goer. If you’re covering for the media, if you’re a booth owner, or if you’re competing, always bring some form of identification. Don’t ever forget your ticket as well, as the wait for walk-in tickets get long in APCC.
  • Money, and a lot of patience: If you’ve been in any convention, you know your wallet will both be your saving grace and your doom. Things can get worse in APCC, because there are a ton of offerings for you to buy. Imagine having an artwork or an artbook signed by Artgerm. Imagine the discounts from popular stores who will set up shop there.
  • Bags, and carrying implements: Regardless if you’re planning to shop or not during APCC, bags can keep you safe. A backpack or a slingbag will help in terms of supplies. This is especially if you want a more convenient way of carrying around souvenirs.
  • Extra batteries and power banks: Brin extra power if possible. This at least ensures you have a lifeline should your battery get drained.
  • Medication, especially for allergies: If you have specific medical conditions, don’t forget to bring medicine. Convention sickness is an actual thing.
  • Extra clothes and perfume: If you plan on meeting your idols, better dress for the ocassion. It’s not an entirely bad idea to carry extra clothes around so you can feel fresh.
  • A friend, mostly for emergency finances: Speaking from experience, you need a friend to enjoy APCC. Not just because it’s much fun to enjoy a convention with someone you care about. It’s mostly because you also need emergency funding if you want to get that figure.

What to Expect

We listed fairly simple tips on what to bring above, but their importance can’t be underestimated. Most of them might be your staple going-out items, too, and kudos if such is the case. Regardless, items aren’t enough to make sure you’re ready for APCC fun. As with other conventions, APCC has its own set of surprises that can overwhelm even the most experienced of convention-goers.

  • Simultaneous events: This convention actually occupies all floors of the SMX Convention Center. This means some events do happen the same time as the others. Be sure to always keep an eye out on the schedule so you attend the events you’re interested in. If you’re confused, use your time now to plan in advance.
  • Surprise reveals and changes: Conventions, like any event, can have sudden changes in schedules and program flow. Anticipate things like these to happen all over the event, so keep your ears on the intercom whenever there’s an announcement.
  • A ton of booths. A tonWe don’t joke around when we say there are a ton of booths. The entire first floor alone decidates itself to creatives, booths, food, and even huge areas for big sponsors. A lot of them have special mini-events that can win you prizes. Some of them also have cheaper deals. So if you plan on saving up money, you may want to hide your wallet. We tell you, temptation is real – but it’s worth it.
  • Actual celebrity guests: When APCC headlines a celebrity guest, chances are they will really attend. This is a huge deal for a lot of fans, especially for big stars. This year we’ll see Finn Jones and Ty Sheridan, which means you ought to expect bodyguards and stricter policies around them.
  • The Fabled Halls: APCC veterans will remember the line they had to wait before getting exclusive access to Hall M. Not everyone got to see previews of Marvel material before they get released to the world, so things like non-disclosure agreements actually get signed. There will be three of those booths this year – Hall M for Marvel, Hall D for Disney, Hall N for Netflix. The latter will most likely feature real-life replicas of places in Netflix shows. The former two will most likely involved never-before seen footage.
  • A lot of people: It goes without saying that conventions have a lot of people. APCC will multiply that by a three or so, but for some reason everyone still fits in the convention halls with room to spare. So anticipate a ton of cosplayers, a ton of fellow geeks, and a ton of, well, people.
  • Bad weather: If previous weeks have been any indication, the grumpy weather can spoil any part of APCC. Anticipate rainy weather, so bring umbrellas and other protection from the rain.

Are You Ready?

The tips above hopefully gave you a quick heads up on what to expect and what to bring to make your APCC journey fun. Remember, always keep an eye out for surprises and stay alert for all announcements. And hey, be sure to wave or give us a shout should you see our What’s A Geek! crew there!


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