Deus Sex Machina At 4: Fourplay On Words, And A Dash Of War

People go to war for a lot of things. A lot fight for conquest and glory. Many go to war for the sake of a cause. Some even resort to war for the sake of survival. Folks at Deus Sex Machina celebrate their four (4!) years of performing with a battle. And given this is courtesy of the country’s first comedic erotica troupe, things will be hot.

At DSM 19: Fourplay on Words, two teams go head to head for honor… and cake. Instead of Weapons of Mass Destruction, members of DSM will be using their wit, charm, and their consensual aptitude to dominate one another. The result appears to be in a culmination of skits that will, at the end of the day, blow everyone’s minds. Some people might lose No Nut November this month.

Deus Sex Machina At 4

Deus Sex Machina regulars will be familiar with how each show goes. Performers from the team will have skits prepared and practiced for their audiences. It’s really the meticulous creative process involved in creating the shows that stun audiences upon delivery.

As such, while much of the shows simply involve a series of skits, DSM isn’t “simply” just that. In a press release, folks at DSM said this performance will be their way of “chang[ing] things up to make things a little more interesting.” In this case, “things” actually mean sex. And DSM has “spiced things up” for Philippine erotic fiction thanks to their shows.

“[We] consensually grabbed sex by its own horniness and brought out the absurd, weird, and funny about it, in a safe and clean environment,” said DSM in a press release. This has been the approach ever since their first show at Uno Morato in 2014, and regardless of other venues such as the Yuchengco Museum, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Despite features in publications such as Cosmo PH, Rogue Magazine, and Chalk Magazine – as well as consistent participation in Fringe Manila – DSM didn’t lose that “signature touch.”

It makes sense, then, to test everything out by trying something very new: competition.

Wait, A Civil War?

Showrunners Denice De Guzman and Jewel Angeles made the historic decision of splitting the troupe into two (2) teams for this anniversary show.

“We wanted to explore more of our relationship with the show,” explains De Guzman. “So we agreed to make each team try to dominate the other consensually, and with words.”

Here’s a quick rundown of what we know about this year’s anniversary show:

  • DSM will be split into two (2) factions. Only one between Team Cumsquats and Team Chupachumps.
  • The teams need to come up with mini-skits, but the other team apparently has no idea what the other will be performing.
  • A surprise panel of special guest judges will be deciding the winning team.
  • Criteria will involve performance quality, comedic writing, and adherence to the prompts.
  • Oh right, the prompts. The theme will be “The Most Superlative Birthday” with a twist. There are four (4) words they absolutely must have in their stories.
  • One of those words? Jose Mari Chan

If you’re ready, mark Nov. 9 and prepare to head to Green Sun Makati. If you need a few tips, read along.

DSM 19: What’s New?

Attendees going to DSM 19 will realize that DSM has grown a lot since the past years. Audiences now who’ve attended shows before will definitely praise Deus Sex Machina for its improved handle on comedy. This we think is serious praise, given erotic comedy isn’t exactly easy to pull off.

However, more than that is perhaps the team’s evolution from being “just” a troupe. Deus Sex Machina advocates making sure both participants and audiences feel safe in their events. As such, all jokes don’t demean people. There aren’t any rape jokes, kink shaming, and nobody will be punished for wanting sex.

In short, everything is consensual. 

Everything Begins Somewhere, Even Sex Jokes

Four years ago, a bunch of friends thought that reading bad erotic fan fiction in public would be a good idea. Calling their show Deus Sex Machina, they soon became the premiere comedic erotica troupe in the country. From Harry Potter, to Pokémon, to Star Wars, to even politics, they have proven time and again that nothing is sacred from their dirty hands. They are the personification of Rule 34: if it exists, there will be porn of it.

In the four years that Deus Sex Machina has been around, they’ve seen personnel changes, bigger and bigger venues, and more openness to express and preach for sex positivity. What hasn’t changed, however, is the willingness to taint your most cherished childhood memories with their, well, taint? But the members of Deus Sex Machina makes sure that everyone is in a safe space because the entire goal is for you to laugh your hearts out. Sex is funny. You should be allowed to laugh about it.

A Fourplay On Words

Some people might look at DSM and think of it as a group for extremely niche audiences. This much can be true, given there’s not a lot of adult fiction for “mainstream” consumers. However, the troupe also proves entertainment comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, poses, and preferences.

And to the surprise of others, using sex as a mechanism for jokes turns out to be quite effective. DSM has been doing this for four (4) years! Showrunners Denice and Jewel, and the rest of the team, prove it’s the delivery, the intention, and… the climax (?)… that counts.

If you’re not yet convinced, just read this spiel and tell us you’re not interested:

Four years. Four frickin’ years of sex jokes. Four years of bringing you dirty, disgusting, gut-rippin’ comedy in a safe, clean environment, and suddenly we are AT WAR.

Choose your fighter. For our 4th anniversary show, Deus Sex Machina 19: Fourplay On Words pits writer against writer, team captain versus team captain. Two teams of four writers battle with their wits and their prowess in genital joke jousting, all for HONOR! And CAKE!

The theme for the show? THE MOST SUPERLATIVE BIRTHDAY! Balloons, bilao, pabitins galore. And also Jose Mari Chan.

Let’s watch Deus Sex Machina’s 4th Anniversary Show, DSM 19: Fourplay on Words, this Friday, November 9, at Green Sun Makati. Tickets are at Php300 with a free drink. Gates open at 9:00 PM!

Ade Magnaye

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