Cosplay Mania 2019: 4 Daijobous and 1 Yabai You Need To Know

Cosplay Mania 2019 looms over the horizon, calling for all otaku and anime fan alike – casual or otherwise. This year’s festivities will be held on Sept. 28 to 29, 2019, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. This means this year’s convention will be taking place in a sprawling 9,130 square meter space.

Many people consider Cosplay Mania as the largest and most anticipated Anime and Cosplay Convention in the Philippines. After all, over 40,000 attendees graced Cosplay Mania 2018. Last year’s event featured hundreds of exhibits, huge international sponsors and exhibitors, and unmatched exclusive guests and content. 

So, how do you prepare for the mother of all conventions? Here is some essential information that will help you maximize your enjoyment.

Cosplay Mania 2019: Some Quick Trivia

Before you storm out of your houses to gather around at the SMX Convention Center, you might want to prepare for a few things. After all, if you want to maximize your enjoyment in this year’s CosMania, you better do it in style. Here are some tips: 

1. What About Tickets?

Cosplay Mania 2019 tickets have three (3) tiers: Silver, Gold, and VIP. You can avail special, discounted tickets like Ultra Saver, Super Saver, and Great Saver. These tickets essentially do the same thing as the regular ones, aside from discounted rates. Here are other features:

  • Silver Tickets provide access to the entire convention. This includes all the exhibits, Fan Meets and other activities at the convention except for the JAM (Japanese Anime Music) Concert.
  • Gold Tickets provide access to everything Silver Tickets do plus Standing Room in the back section of the JAM Concert.
  • VIP Tickets provide everything Silver Tickets do plus Reserved Seating in the front section of the JAM Concert. In addition, VIP Ticket holders also receive front section seating for special fan meets and access to the Premium Lounge where they can relax with free drinks and snacks.

Tickets can be purchased through any SM Tickets outlet located in SM Supermalls nation-wide or online through

2. What About The Entrance?

There are essentially two entrances to the venue.

  • First, there is the side entrance (church side)  for people who don’t have tickets yet.
  • Second, there’s the main entrance for people who already have tickets.

Do you remember the Ultra Saver, Super Saver and Great Saver tickets we mentioned before? In addition to being cheaper, they come with the added benefit of allowing you to enter the venue as early as 9:00 AM. This means you can get there up to two hours earlier than those who choose to buy tickets on the day.

Early entrance gives you first dibs on all the exclusive merchandise, freebies and activities at the convention. As these items are usually limited, coming in early could ensure that you get your hands on them before they run out.

In addition, a portion of the exhibit will be open starting 10:00 AM. These include the Cosplay Mania Store, Food and Refreshment Booths and the Premium Lounge. This is a great place to grab a snack, get some early shopping done or relax in the Premium Lounge if you have a VIP Ticket.

3. Navigating the Con

Attendees to Cosplay Mania 2019 will see two (2) distinct areas: the EX Hall or Exhibits Hall and the SP Hall or Special Performance Hall.

All the big exhibits including Collectibles, Fashion, Video Games, Online Games, TCG’s and much more can be found in the EX Hall.

  • Of special note is the Quantum Booth which features free play of the latest video games from Japan as well as huge video game tournaments.
  • There is also the Lumica Stage where you can learn to use light sticks while dancing to amazing Japanese DJ’s. You need to be here if you want to watch the Cyalume World Dance Battle where the Philippine Representative will be determined.
  • The Mobile Legends booth will also give out some official merchandise as well as launch new mobile games. Good Smile Company will also have event exclusive merchandise although some items will be sold in very limited quantities. There’s also the Ludus Booth for all the latest Collectible Card Games with game demos where you could take home freebies!

Tons of exhibit booths are also available as well as an artist section called Fan Fair where fan-made merchandise are available at very affordable prices. There’s so much to explore, so make sure to give yourself enough time to look around and really enjoy the convention.

4. What About The Stage Program?

Aside from all the different exhibits to explore, there are two stages where the feature programs will happen: the EX Stage and the SP Stage. Both stages are packed with performances, fan meets, contests and more! Be sure to study the program schedule for both stages to maximize your enjoyment.

However, fans should note that the event slates different programs for both days. Meaning, you won’t be able to experience a particular segment the next day if you missed it. 

Cosplay Mania tries to keep things fresh every year. This means fans will experience a different line-up of guests for each Cosplay Mania. This could be your only chance to experience some of these guests in person for many years to come.

This year, the guest line-up includes International Cosplayers BoiledCurry, REA KAMI and VENaS Japan. Stage Actors Allen Kohatsu and Kousuke Asuma will be present. Not only that, voice Actors Motoko Kumai and Rumi Okubo, Chiptune Legend Hige Driver, and Special Guest Hiroto Kuramasu will attend as well!

The event will also culminate in a JAM (Japanese Anime Music) Concert. The now-Animax powered event features Yasutaka Nakata, Ichigo Rinahamu, ASAKA, MYTH & ROID and May’n! Remember, that you must have at least a Gold or VIP Ticket to attend the concert, however.

5. What About Photos and Videos?

Fan Meets and Concerts are to be enjoyed, and nothing spoils it more than watching a sea of cellphones and tablets blocking your view. If someone is caught recording or taking photos during these times, they will be asked to leave the SP Hall without a refund.

Live in the moment and enjoy the experience in person instead of through your devices. In most cases, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience so don’t spoil it for yourself and other people at the event.

Want to find out more? Check out Cosplay Mania’s official website at or their Facebook Page at for the latest news about this unbelievable convention!

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