PWR Live: Championship Spirit Is On!

Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the spirit to succeed! Warriors and fighters know they have to sacrifice and dedicate blood, sweat, and tears for their dreams. However, only those worthy will win.

It’s that time of the year again for another Philippine Wrestling Revolution event. And this time, PWR Live: Championship Spirit will have a lot at stake. 

PWR Live: Championship Spirit

PWR Live: Championship Spirit serves as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s second outing in Season 6 this year. Circuit Makati will be the sight to history, as a lot of titles will be at stake in this single event.

Championship-caliber talent with two star-studded main event highlights will be what viewers should expect in the event tomorrow. Thing is, this event will have major championship implications. 

One Champion To Rule Them All

For the first time in PWR history, three (3) wrestling titles will be on the line in a single match. That’s right, we’re looking at a winner-take-all championship match between some of the country’s greatest. In this match will be:

  • QUATRO, Ang Kampeon ng Pilipinas
  • Chino Guinto, Philippine Excellence Champion, and
  • Martivo, All Out War(la) Champion

And given this is a winner-take-all match, this means the winner will be the first to hold all three singles titles all at the same time in Philippine wrestling history.

Are you nervous? Because we are.

Women Run The World

International women’s wrestling has taken the world by storm, and all the more so when Singapore Pro Wrestling’s Queen of Asia Championship herself will come to the country to defend her title.

The Queen RIHO will be defending her title in Philippine soil from a lot of contenders. She’ll face two (2) stalwarts of PWR’s women’s division in the form of Crystal and Jay Sera. Not only that, but Gatoh Move Thailand’s Jibzy will be joining the match as well.

That’s right, it’s a four-way women’s match for a much-coveted title. 

The Thrill Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon

What we’re reporting is just about PWR Live: Championship Spirit. In PWR tradition, more news will likely be coming soon in the event itself.

You can also stay tuned to PWR’s social media accounts, because we sense they’ll also be announcing a ton of events that will surely meet that wrestling itch.

Join The Championship Trail!

If you’re up to watching an awesome show, you can attend PWR Live: Championship Spirit tomorrow, July 28, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati.

You can get advanced ticket through the PWR Facebook page or via e-mail until today, July 27!

You can also get tickets online through You can also purchase physical tickets through official PWR retail partners, which you can learn more of if you’re following PWR’s official pages. 

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Early bird tickets (until July 27) are priced at PHP 399.
  • Early bird barkada bundles (until July 27) can be purchased in bundles of three (3) for PHP 1,099.
  • You can get tickets on the venue itself for PHP 450.

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