/r/SquaredCircle and /r/MyLittlePony trigger Reddit Exchange Program

What started as a simple dare between two wrestling fans over at Reddit’s famous r/SquaredCircle subreddit turned into one of the most interesting happenings in all of reddit.

It all started with a bet regarding the next WWE NXT call ups appearing in the lead-in show for the PPV, Battleground…


… which he lost thanks to the appearance of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and current NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Hence the “dare”:


The end result? This thread here and an influx of redditors switching from r/SquaredCircle to r/MLP and vice versa. The Reddit exchange has been so widespread, it made Reddit’s best threads of that day. It also gave birth to a new subreddit named r/SubSwap where people who would want to trade up subreddits can offer to do so. Pony and wrestling art mashups were the call of the day as well.

It certainly was a very interesting development after all the drama that Reddit went through the last few weeks (where Reddit mod Victoria, who handles the AMA sessions Reddit has become famous for, was controversially let go). It also proves that there is no need for the different fandoms to be hostile to outsiders, which just fuels whatever negative impressions these outsiders have in the fanbase (bronies always get a LOT of flak due to this). It also goes to show how the different geekdoms can easily overlap with each other despite being completely opposite to each other.

It just has to start somewhere.

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